Flowers Bloom Cont.


I have never felt so much weight on my little shoulders! More than ever, we have been working like clock work day in and day out. We are in the process of moving out (exciting! Any guess to where?). With this, come times of stress, good time management, and a wee bit of sadness. The biggest sadness comes from our need to discontinue is our Matt Project. Unfortunately, we cannot take all the supplies to our new destination as we won’t have the luxury of a spacious backyard. But that’s OK, because one day we will return with more ideas!

In the meantime, we will try our best to update all of our stories in the following weeks.

June is almost here too, which means our birthday is next week! Another exciting news!

P. Linus

Hi Friends,

What is happening to us? Where have we been? And what direction are we headed towards?

All these important questions, and we have no answers to any of them. A little distressing at times!

There are many updates to share this month, but the most exciting is our car that is getting restored. For a while, it sat patiently at the mechanics house getting prepped for painting, but It’s finally back at the shop for the real work to be done, and with hopes of finishing this long project by next summer! We are anxious!


We hope you respect that we are human, well I’m not, sort of, and we do get busy with life. And this past month was a month full of busyness for us, but we plan on posting all the fun things we do for this month and showing them to you.


Until next time!

Prince Linus

Midnight Special

Hi friends,

It was around 8pm, the same time I convinced my dad to hop in an airplane, and fly 1600mi across the globe. Sight unseen, nor prepared. Classic, I thought. When is it my turn though? How could I build an escape getaway with him? I was very dissatisfied with our current living situation, so I began to draw some ideas in order to move somewhere I knew nobody. A nice fresh rush of blood kept running through my mind every time I thought of a new place. Plus, dad was already putting his itinerary together and heading to Canada. Toronto I think. I was excited for him, but I wanted to join too. It was only tearing me apart.


Or could it be we are burning out? Geeze, it’s only been 3 yrs, and most of our writing isn’t really high level work. I think a 1st grader could write better than us, for the most part. WTH is happening? But, there is a silver lining to every disappointment and setback, right? For me, I get bear-sized hugs from dad on a daily basis, and I won’t ever complain because hugs are amazing.


Just when we were about to hit the sack, our friend decided to stop by to say goodnight. It was Angry Allie. I was Happy, I had someone to play with. She took me for a quick walk, but quickly, that walk turned into a different kind of night, and much longer than we anticipated. We decided to make food, stayed up late chatting about life, and we even had tequila shots. Past midnight, and my night was over. The following day, I woke up. I was lucky to wake up. I couldn’t bark for almost 2 days after that wild night. It was rough because I hadn’t drank that much since a puppy. As you can imagine, I woke up with a mini hangover making living another day a horrible experience. Who invented alcohol anyway? I felt there were little animals inside my tummy, too. I couldn’t bear the feeling anymore. I was beat up and I prayed to dad he could cure me from this terrible pain.


But next week should be more exciting and more things to write about. We have a lot in store, and new plans to hit up different spots we’ve never been before. In addition, dad plans to make a small change to the website. We will see if I let him!


Until next time,

Prince Linus

Things With Feathers

Hi Friends,

How was Valentines? And how was February? I can’t believe today is the last day of the month, woof woof.

Do you remember dad’s disheartening story?

Poor guy, can’t get his bearings straight when it counts the most. I have faith he will never go back to remember those days.


Me - “Dad, do you have any stories you want to share with us for this month?”

Dad - “I don’t have much to say this month. I’ve run out of words, buddy. Actually, do you remember our friend we met at the concert? Well, she stopped by to say hello. She was looking for you, but you weren’t home. Where were you by the way?”


Me - “Oh yea! Wow, I thought she hated me after I bit her toe? It’s been a while. Anyhow, I went with Cuckoo Cachoo Cory to the park.”

Dad - “You walked there? Or did someone pick you up?”

Me - “I took an Uber. It was my first time, and quite an experience being I was the only doggie during the 1hr ride. Could you imagine the faces of everyone that were riding next to me?”

Dad was reluctant to share any stories this month, but I hope next month is different and he has a lot to say. However, dad always tells me that hope is not a strategy, so I’ll need to find a way to pick his brain and break into his “busy” life. I like how he pretends to be busy most times. What a joke!


That day, I got back home from the park without anything planned for the day. I went to the backyard to see if there was anything I could play with, or tear up, while dad was at work. I thought I was pretty much free to do anything, but dad got home a bit earlier than I expected, and he caught me red-handed messing with his stuff.


After talking some sense into him, he was cool about the whole situation. Of course, my kisses went a long way into comforting him. He was happy for the rest of the night, and I convinced him to hit the town to catch a big gulp of fresh air.


Anyone know of a doggy sitter? In need of one in 3wks! Please let us know.

See you all next time,