The Product

Hello All,

The unveiling of our product is here!

                                                                                Prototype 1

                                                                               Prototype 1


The beginning. The breakdown. The end result.

When I first thought of creating a unique product that most of us have never seen, I had this romantic notion that it could be displayed at KALEID alongside other cool and distinctive art. Not having a clue what the requirements were on how to get my art displayed, I decided to tackle this challenge with enthusiasm anyway. I was always the type of pup that preferred to aim high and miss than to aim low and hit. Because of the many talented artists and creators, it will be difficult to get in; however, I am more than willing to come out head first against this challenge.

Soon, I internally exploded with a crazier thought. I fantasized Starbucks purchasing my product and using it throughout their Bay Area stores. Unrealistic? You may think so, but my aspirations convey the opposite; you might as well shoot for the stars, right? Maybe one day, while you are waiting in line to order your executive coffee and Double-Smoked Bacon sandwich, you'll recognize it when you look down and live a vicarious thrill of my grand desire. Stay observant my friend. Woof Woof!


The idea of crafting a versatile, easy-to-use, and eye-catching product stems from a long time ago when I was a puppy aimlessly wandering the shoddy streets of Downtown San Jose. During stormy seasons most streets get gross and messy, soaking my feet and turning them filthy with mud, tiny pebbles and dirt inside the crevices of my paws. Going from beautiful and clean to dangerous and dirty in a split second. I couldn't afford puppy paw shoes at that time, and because of this, I didn't want to get anyone's home dirty. Rubbing salt to the wound, whenever I got invited to movie nights with my friends, I had no other choice than to reject the invitation. Alone at my house, I would wonder if they chose my favorite movie that night, Good Will Hunting. I felt sad, upset and embarrassed. I wanted to go see about a girl.

Right after these moments, I wanted to create something different yet useful for every puppy in town to utilize in their home. Something to resonate with my style and personality, and a product that all my pup friends would be proud of.

Immediately, my idea was to turn something average into spectacular and to captivate those with the curious eye; to awe those who first saw it when they stepped their paw/foot in the door. Undoubtedly, a different product that we wouldn't see in any store, and most certainly not at your local Salvation Army (We hope it never makes it that way!).

I knew I wanted to use wood from the get-go.

Remember these wooden projects we made? Click to learn more.

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  3. The Tree Bench 

After hours cozied up in my Snuggie reading useless oriental trading magazines, swiftly munching on carrots smeared with peanut butter while thinking hard inside the box, and sipping ginger tea watching a Pokemon series at 12:17am, I came up with the solution to keep your house a little cleaner and a little more special. Eliminating one more headache by killing 2 stones with 1 bird.    *No animals were harmed during target practice

Bim Bam Wackity Boom!

                                                                                                       Prototype 1

                                                                                                      Prototype 1


The only versatile decorative mat your furry animals will ever need.

You see, this isn't your regular rubber ducky plasticky fiber mat you find everywhere. This mat has character, charm, and handsomeness all over it. If it had a heartbeat, I would make it my (b)itch!

TIMEOUT! - For 1st timers, if you are incredibly confused who is writing please click here immediately  ----------------------->  I am Prince Linus

AND it doesn't stop here!

We built one for my human friends to place in their lovely homes too. And let's get something straight here. Although it can be used anywhere inside or outside your living space, this mat originally was designed to be placed in the smack entrance to your exquisite home and welcoming guest by saying, "Look at me, I am different and I am proud of it."


Frankly, this decorative mat wasn't created to be picking up dust on the shelves at your local Target, World Cost Plus and no less, Ross. I like Ross by the way. It's where I usually find toys for a banging good deal. This mat needs to be in your shopping cart while you smile ear-to-ear knowing you are about to purchase something only a few wish they could have. Almost like embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime journey with your dream date to your wild, unimaginable self-made utopia. Privileged? I think so. 

                                                             Prototype Numero 2

                                                            Prototype Numero 2

The larger mats are finished by adding 8mm wooden beads at the ends. 6mm wooden beads are added for the smaller mats. We believe the size of the beads is a perfect match for the mat sizes. Just like the matches you get on those apps swiping right (Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about!). Except, these beads are natural and look authentic, unlike those who alter their photos and when you meet them in person, it's almost like you met their 1st cousin. Even worst, their 2nd cousin. Could your night get any better? Best of luck.


You can also choose not to add beads at the end.

Two important things to take notice:

1 - Our product is different. We have yet to see anything similar to it and that is partly a reason it is unique. You see, we don't want to glue, put a price and sell (Nothing wrong with that). We want to put something together by hand with lots of love, representing who we are. It's unique in almost every way. 

2 - It's easy to manipulate, easy to store and easy to clean up. This decorative mat is so versatile you can use it in many ways.

                                                                 Prototype Numero 2

                                                                Prototype Numero 2


Our Etsy shop will be open sometime soon for those interested buying from the Etsy platform. Hopefully, this will help us navigate through the millions of ever-changing infinite web markets. Like anything in my life, we will need a vast amount of time, prayers and patience to call this a success. 

Click our Shop section to scope the details of the products.

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Lastly, share this post with your friends, with your family, bf's, gf's, ex-bf's, ex-gf's, your pets, your neighbors, your co-workers, the gardener, the pool boy/girl, the librarian, the train conductor, the priest, the bouncer, the bartender, your classmates, your teacher, your gym buddy, your computer, yourself, etc. I think you get the point. 

                                                                        Prototype Numero 2

                                                                       Prototype Numero 2


All kidding aside(sort of), don't be shy and share yours on Instagram and don't forget to tag us! @PrinceLinus15

Thank you so much for your patience and stay tuned for some updates on Molly, more product ideas and our final few months in San Jose.

Until next time!

Sincerely, Linus

Molly Montana - Canada

Hi Friends,

Let's recap on the latest progress with the van.

When we first got the van, Molly, I was very skeptical of how useful it would be to us. We didn't need another vehicle and I couldn't imagine anything working properly because of its past life as a beater van and its old age. It would probably cost a fortune to get her running again and take a lot of time to do so too. What a wreck I thought.


But as precious time has passed and we've been cleaning it, I am beginning to see some potential in her. Her seats are actually very comfortable, the engine is strong and the body is pretty straight. Surprising, considering it's a 97 Dodge. 

Dad - "Linus, time can change your perspective on so many things. Things we see ugly and distasteful now, can turn beautiful and actually be worth something as time goes by. It's all in your little brain boo boo magoboo. I am glad you have a different view on this now."

Me - "Why are we making an attempt to fix this old van anyway?"

Dad - "Well, if everything turns out the way I expect, I will be traveling this summer and visit some National Parks. My itinerary isn't set in stone but it will be an amazing trip regardless, with Canada and Montana as my main attractions. An exciting road trip nonetheless."


MMmmm so now dad the cowboy wants to go to Montana. Interesting...

And Canada? Reminding me of grade school and Gary Paulsen, I stared long at my dad's tired eyes wondering if he had any idea what he was getting himself into. The beautiful dangers Canada could bring him were frightening me. Should I buy him a hatchet in case Molly decides to turn her back on him in the middle of a cold, lonely desolate road? Will he know how to use one? Does he even know what it is? I asked him if he knew how to chop wood in case he needed to build a fire to keep warm if things went south. He looked at me confused and kept nodding his head as if he was doing some weird neck exercises. I took his sign as a clear no. It was evident that both Molly and dad needed some work to get them going on the right path.

Dad - "Linus, ever since a kid I have always wanted to go to Montana. To be sincere, I had no idea why. It must have been an old picture my dad showed me when he worked in the potato fields in Idaho. There he was standing alongside his friend, Tony Starch, wearing his brown boots, blue jeans, a plaid shirt and a cowboy hat. Irrelevant and strange, but who cares! You should come along!"

Me - "Dad, I hope I have time for you and join you on your amazing trip. We will see, but I am sure you will have a great time whether I go or not!"

Nice! So summer looks promising for dad IF everything goes as planned.

Luckily for him, Molly has no trouble starting up and she can get going pretty quickly thanks to her strong heart. She needed some new rubber to get her back on the right track though. After she got some tires, we took her for a spin right after and she ran great! I then realized that taking her in and making her part of the family could be a bold first step to uncover wild things in life IF we get her adequately prepped. Molly, I'm sorry I didn't see more in you. I was so shallow to think the outside of you was more important. But you have taught me an important lesson to look deeper inside, inside where the heart is the ruler of all, where it counts the most.


I love taking shot gun! The greatest views!


Everything looks OK with the exception that she isn't cooperating with the law and doesn't want to pass smog. What a hooligan!

IMG_20180306_110343788_HDR (1).jpg

I see you bad girl! Keep it up and you'll end up behind bars(the junkyard in the car world).


We have a lot of work to do and only a few months left to get Molly prepared for dads trip. Updates on Molly will be posted so keep an eye out!

And our product is almost finished. Stay tuned for its announcement right before the month is over!


Catch you all later!

Sincerely, Linus.

Gift for Dad

Hi Friends, 

Happy Birthday to all the lovely March peeps. I hope you spend your special day the best way possible.

Birthdays are the best. It's one of my favorite days of the year!

Anyway, my dad has really been struggling with the limited storage space on his motorcycle. Since his yearly camping trip to Big Sur with Flakey Frank is coming up, he is trying to prepare as much as possible fitting all the camping gear. I could definitely see the battle he is having against the lack of storage. So I went on my way to buy him a top case for his helmet. I think he really liked it. Hopefully, he puts it to good use. 


Not the appropriate use for it but I had a great view of my wild neighbors and the squirrels. I want to attack them soooo bad but my dad always tells me to be nice no matter what.


I may have to consider buying him a tent and a sleeping bag too so he doesn't freeze his niblets at night.

And our friend stopped by to say hello before heading to the Bahamas! Lucky! I was so happy to see her because she always brings a smile with her no matter what. She must have a pocket full of them! I wonder if her little cheeks hurt? We took the opportunity of the beautiful day we had in front of us to invite her for a hike. We enjoyed the tranquil time with her and nature.


I want to share a few videos of me playing with the ball! I really love playing with anything that moves actually, with the exception of this huge lemon from our tree in the backyard.


I was so exhausted after a long day of playing that I was ready to go to sleep!


And here is our patent for our product. Stay tuned for some updates this month. Dad is finally getting the ball rollin!


And Happy National Cereal Day! For those needing all the luck in the world because nothing ever goes your way, try some Lucky Charms! Do you randomly have obsessions of owning roosters to watch them do nothing all day? Pop some Corn Flakes in your mouth. Need help learning the alphabet because you flunked kindergarten? Alpha-bits it is! They say an apple a day keeps the Dr. away? Munch on some Apple Jacks. Don't give a jackrabbits rear end about the Flinstones? You should, or Wilma will make Dino bite you in the buttocks! Do yourself a favor and eat some Fruity Pebbles. 

Until next time!

Sincerely, Linus