December Means Christmas!

Hi Friends, 

Happy B-Day to everyone born in this month! 

Christmas is around the corner and the year is almost over! Where did all this time go?

It's that time of the season again! Full of cool lights, funny music, and happy people! Don't believe me? Look around, December does miracles!

Our little Christmas tree is going up this weekend! Our friend, an angel godsent from above, will stop by to help out. Hopefully, she brings candy canes :) Por favor!

Me - "Dad, what are you going to be for Christmas?"

Dad - "Linus, you can only dress up for Halloween which was sooo 2 months ago. Get it straight buddy."

Me - "But you still look like a clown........Anyway, are you hitting the gymbo today?"

Dad - "I have to buddy. Every day, every hour, every minute. Tomorrow never comes until it's too late."

Me - "OK weirdo."


At the moment I am stumped on what to share since I have so many things in my mind. I'll leave you with 2 pictures in the meantime while I try to organize my thoughts so they all make sense.

Here I am with my new toy. I really like the squeaky ones! Hint! Hint!


And here I am chasing little squirrels! I will make videos in the future when the squirrels come out and play again! 


Check back this month for more entries.

Meanwhile, check this event out if you are in the bay area!

Sincerely, Linus

Look-alike and Turkey Day

Hi Friends, 

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone spends time with their loved ones and eat some turkey! Gobble gobble.

And at last!

The perfect post to include my look-alikes beginning with the one I found at Michaels. Do you all remember?

Dad - "And check this out! Our amica from La Repubblica Italiani flew all the way here to give us a little early Christmas present. Incredible right? Get a crack at this!"


Me - "Did you sway her into buying you something again?"

Dad - "Nope. You are just jealous."

"Smooth" Joe must have clouded her good judgment with hypnotizing words. Dad may be smooth, like a nice rye whiskey, but I am sure his brain fries up in a heartbeat when it comes to a buzz session with the XX chromosome.


Dad - "I will not allow you to breakdown my spirit big guy. She gave us a nice gift and let's be thankful."

Dad- "Maybe if you go find a woman, you'll find love and friendship."

Me - "I would but you neutered me. Did you forget? As if Self-conscious Selma doesn't want any puppies!"

And great! More 70-80's videos. What is up with these videos anyway? Half of the time they don't make any sense! 


Dad - "You will never understand Linus. Some classic rock to ease the mind my friend...for simple chaps like me."


Dad - "You like beans and rice too, right? Be a good boy and I'll give you some."


Dad - "And why don't like the eighties anyway, Linus? Easy money, loads of drugs, jobs as far as you could see. The American Dream my friend! The American Dream."


Later, our friend was eager to take a picture of herself.


Despite some of the irregularities, we do share some common things.

Same eyes, ears, nose, hair color, etc... but no heart.


And dad pretending like he knows how to use a camera. Sureee!!


We are grateful for her generosity but sad that her soccer team didn't make the Russia 2018 World Cup :( I suppose she will need to cheer for the USA team now. Wait, did they make it?

And a  sneak peek at our project. It has taken a while but it's turning out like we imagined. Sort of...


Lastly, my aunt is donating a dog house to me so I can stay warm in the winter. Hopefully, we get it remodeled faster than a frog can say, Prince Linus! 

By the way, my dad recently parked his car in a NO PARKING stall and it got toad. What a funny guy.

Until next time, 

Sincerely, Linus

My Vet Visit

Hi Friends

I recently got a little sick and had to visit my Veterinarian :(


I was so afraid of being at the vet, but the staff was really friendly and sent me home with some medication to help me get better.


And now, I just want to lay in bed all day for the rest of my life.... Just kidding... Kinda...

I was hoping to find a nurse to help with my tummy problems too :(   Any volunteers? :)


The most annoying part of being sick is that your mind unwillingly thrusts you into thinking you should be doing diddly-squat. Your laziness may convince your mind into a perceived idea that it's ok to do nothing while you are sick, which can produce horrible outcomes and end your life as a gutterpup :( 

In the words of Publilius Syrus: (Note - take away Publi and you have Lius. Add an N after the I and you get Linus...P Linus :)

"A wise man will be master of his mind, 

A fool will be its slave"

I barely got a chance to open my computer since my last post but I WILL have something finished by next week for Thanksgiving come hell, high water and the end of capitalism as we know it! It must be done for the good cause of paw life! 

I feel like I have butterflies and needles in my stomach right now :(


Dad - "Linus, you being sick has made you vomit words that make no sense. A little alarming. You ok big guy? I suggest you take the week a little slower so your feeble body can get better, regain your concentration and focus on the prize we have in mind. Most importantly, we need to have something posted for next week."

Me -  "A prize! what kind of prize? :) and yes, you are right dad!"

I went, not talked, behind my dads back and I took a stab at fixing myself with cooking some mouth-watering rice and chicken to dodge the disgusting medication I got from my vet. I think I may need to give it a few days so it can work its magic.

Bad news though. It turns out my dad found some remnants of rice on the floor! He stormed outside looking for me, and knowing he would be upset with what I had done, I knew I was in big trouble and I needed to come up with something clever to tell him. I didn't want him finding out of my secret rice/chicken operation I hold with my playmates every Monday when he is gone for work. 

Dad - "Linus! Did you eat my rice??? AND chicken???"

Me - "No dad, I didn't. It must have been the mice. You know they come around this time."

Dad - "Mmmmm. You may be right.....Mmmmm I'll keep an eye out. They dare not eat my cheese...Ok you can continue playing or doing whatever you were doing behind the pallet."

Me - "Ok, want to play with me? :)"

Dad - "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagain?"

Me - "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! :)"

Dad - "Ok :)"

Bozzo dad. He never ceases to amaze me. Thankfully he didn't catch me with my mouth full of rice. I suppose these mice lingering in my thoughts came in the nick of time and helped mask my desperation to find an excuse, any excuse, not get in trouble. 

Not sure why I was thinking of mice though. Mmmmmm.

Phewww! That was a close one! 

I found another event for us paw adorable creatures to attend. Although it is next month I think many of you will find it helpful to know the exact date so you can pencil it into your schedule. Certainly, in a world where everyone can't stop being busy, it's important to jot these important dates on your calendar. Don't forget!

Santa a dogs .jpg

See you all next week for Thanksgiving! 

Time for my yogi tea,

"Your greatest strength is Love"

Sincerely, Linus 



Hi Friends, 

First and foremost, Happy B-day to all the November peeps! 

Our October month was a bit lethargic. We started at a snail-like pace in the beginning and we finished at even a slower pace at the end, reminding me when I was a puppy and sniffing everything to find the perfect place to take care of my potty needs! Those sniffing days took forever and I am glad they are way long gone!


With only one post consisting of information so vague and useless that it wouldn't save you against Bigfoot's foot if you ever came across him/her, I was a bit unsatisfied. However, we weren't home most of the month so it was difficult to get access to our resources. I hope you forgive us :)

I was also disappointed that we didn't buy a Halloween costume.

I wanted dad to buy me this little prince costume....


Oh well, maybe next year.

A wistful sigh. 

But we kinda ran out of time


and moola


This month we have some things we need to start AND finish. Our tiny brains will be thinking at 1,000mph each day to achieve badassity in every goal we tackle and by the end of the month, we hope to achieve at least one goal. No more twiddling our thumbs and fidgeting with our paws.

Or even to hang out with "friends" unfortunately :(

Dad - "Don't be so hard on yourself buddy or dare to have a cold little heart. We can still make time for friends"


Me - "But Pepe, I wake up in the morning trying to understand lots of things but only realize it hurts to live. Especially when you leave to work all day and I don't get to see you for so long and annoy you so much. Removing this barrier from my life would make my life so much easier!"


Dad - " Well It's a love and hate relationship pal. Just like anything in life"


Most importantly, if you are around the area, there is only one place you should be checking out.

This hockey event where you can take your paw friends inside! Just be sure to keep them cozy because it's cold inside the Ice hockey rink!!


Until next time!