I am Prince Linus!!

Welcome! I am Prince Linus! I am a stray puppy. I am not sure what breed I am, but Doctor Paw Patrol at Puppy Central thinks I am a Parson Russell Terrier. My dad on the other hand... he has no idea (like he does on most things). But, he definitely thinks I'm a mutt - with pup-ssibly some Schnauzer in me?

Now, my dad says I'm a puppy genius (it is pretty incredible that I type away on this computer with my wittle paws), but only time will tell if that's true - especially as I grow older and stubborn. For now, as a puppy-genius-in-training, I enjoy many MANY things: extreme adventures with my loved ones to this amazing thing known to you humans as a "backyard;" rigorous walks around town (skateboarders scare me!), spontaneous trips to pet smart to see my puppy friends; building intricate random things; designing my own whimsical art; taking countless selfies; and, of course, most importantly, PLAYING!

So pack up your suitcases, bring some snacks (for both you and me) and follow me as I take you through my weekly adventures! Let's have fun together!


My master says that he found me but i like to believe that i found him. These are the very first pictures of me.  All were taken when i was brought home the first night. I was excited and scared. Here you can see pictures of my first day with the doctor. He said i was healthy so that was good news. I came out with less body parts the day after though :/...Evidently the cone of shame did not do its purpose but i got a free bath and bandana for being a good friend with the employees at petsmart! 

Sincerely, Linus