Home for an Hr

Hi friends, 

I normally don't write more than 1 post per week and let alone a month but this is an exception and maybe one of many!

We decided to take a spontaneous trip and visit my grandparents.  I tell you, driving at night with my buddy and chit chatting about life is a great place to be. 

Most importantly, a place to call your own is certainly the most tangible element of the American dream. 

Currently i don't have my own house but we are working to build my own wittle mansion and I can't wait to share that with all of you. I stay inside and share the bedroom for now.

I am not sure what i was looking at ???...I confuse myself most times too.


Also, since we are on discussion of "building", here is a glimpse of the progress of my current build. I am making this for one of my paw loving friends. I was challenged to build something and prove that i have more "skills" than just barking, nipping, sitting and staying. Little is she aware that i have been boning up on every skill i can for the past year. Let alone, it does help that my brain at the moment absorbs everything i read and watch. 

I project it will take my a few weeks only because time is my biggest enemy. It gets dark at 5pm around here and don't have all the tools required to finish it faster.

All the wood we used was recycled. Most of it i found laying around picking up dust. I also found some at home depot from their discounted batch in the lumber wood aisle. Sometimes you can find some good wood back there!

Most of it had no use anymore and whatever i bought at home depot was a small fraction to what i needed for the finalized project. I have to say, for any crafty paw friend out there, Home Depot should be your go-to store to find substantial amount of building material. We might even bump into each other some day! And that white stuff you see there is nail hole filler. It is used to conceal holes. Eventually it dries up, hardens and once sanded and primed, it gives it a smoother finish and looks like nothing was ever there. For a minute, i almost applied hole filler on my dads mouth. I cant seem to keep him quite!

I couldn't find an actual window pane so i "borrowed" my aunts picture frame i found laying around. I bought a 3/8th squared piece of wood but the square look did not blend well with the round picture frame. I used the flat square edge piece instead since it has a more uniform look. Going this route gives you the opportunity to create a custom made window pane too.


I was kinda bored and wanted to taste the wood...I mean test... test the quality of the wood. Very bad picture though!


Solid wood i would say. Plus my bite marks give it a personal touch and not to say it adds character!

I was able to put together the base of the table. I still need to trim the shape into the plywood.

This coming week i hope to finish putting it together and painting it, at the minimum. Cost of current project? sore paws :/

And here is the new jig/stop i custom made to ease the process in my other project!

Last but not least,  I would like to share a decision i have recently made. I was inspired to give back to my community with the hopes of a better future for those people in pain. Even though October is past us, i would like to share that i joined the California Partnership to end Domestic Violence movement.

Being a member I will share the progress of this movement without you ever barking up a penny. I know many of my paw friends, human friends and loved ones that were once victims of this monstrous and repulsive violence act. I hope i can learn ways to help victims that are going through something terrible like this. I am sad that sometimes they don't realize the actions they exhibit towards their loved ones. Over time, I hope they learn to become a different person.

In the meantime, if you are an Amazon shopper, use the link provided. Amazon is nice enough to donate back, albeit microscopic, but a difference maker to this partnership, with any eligible purchases you make.


Still working on my photography skills. My Ipaw doesn't really like taking quality pictures. Below, you can see the some pics that were taken at Inspiration Point in Berkeley, Ca. Can anyone guess what bridge that is?? This pic does no justice. If you ever have a chance to go, please do so. In fact, invite me :). Hopefully I or the picture can inspire you to get involved in something you would like to see a change :)

Sincerely, Linus