Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Friends,

The weather here is getting nippy! Low 40's and probably going to stay like this for sometime. Luckily I have a good blanket and bed to keep me warm. I feel bad for my paw and human friends that live out in the cold and have no warm place to sleep. It's disheartening.

Also, today is Thanksgiving! I will not being eating Turkey but that is Ok. I will leave it for my human friends to enjoy! I hope everyone of you enjoys this day with your loved ones. For those that are alone, no worries. I am sure someone is thinking of you wherever they are :)

OK, this current project has me exhausted. I have been working day in and day out with hardly any sleep. (Not that i get much sleep in the first place..I am a very very light sleeper, even cockroaches wake me up!) Here are some updates:

If you are ever going to make your own borders for the window pane please be sure to use a level to get all your pieces even. The last thing you want is your project looking like some human did it :). To put them together, i used Loctite all-purpose glue. It works perfect for this project and comes off right after it dries. You can find it anywhere at your local hardware store. You can also use any all-purpose glue too.

I was a bit skeptical cutting the wood to match the frame with the jig saw. But at the moment, that was the best tool i had unless i used a hand saw(my paws would be sore the next day so no thank you) or use my canines to grind away(sore teeth the following day? No thanks again and that would take forever!). We used JacoBean wood stain for the base. We still need to put the legs, paint it and attach the glass. I should have it done by next week i hope.

That's me! Getting bigger every day that goes by!

And look what i just received in my mail! My new tripod, wireless remote control for the camera and protein to get stronger! I want to be ready for my summer beach body especially when i learn to surf! Cant wait to post my videos on that! Should be fun!

They are from Amazon Basics. They are fairly priced and can't complain of the quality. No complaints so far! I like how the remote comes with a wittle baggie! 

And the tripod also comes with a baggie! It was to my surprise since i didn't read the bag being included on the description when i ordered it. 

And look at that! The tripod comes with a level too! Its function is the same as the level we used to make the window panes! Isn't that just a bit funny.

I hope everyone has a good rest of your day!

Sincerely, Linus