Merry Christmas

Hello Friends! 

Excited for Christmas?? I bet you are! It is debatable whether considered the greatest holiday in existence by many of my paw friends but it sure tops the list(puppy national day being 1st IMO). Christmas is a great time to showcase organic love with all your family and loved ones.   

Since the very dawn of the human age, love has been an essential building block to heal many emotional problems. It comes from all forms and flavors. It is the most precious intangible feeling in existence and a binding force for the longevity of happiness. The days of giving and receiving love should be practiced 365 days/yr 7days/wk and 24hrs/day. But no other holiday preaches this practice more than Christmas. 

But what is love? An exceedingly perceptive and illuminating question, you may agree.

From the moment of conception we begin to express this emotion. From a subtle smile as a baby to warm hugs as adults, love is with us through our entire life. Sometimes we never experience or we forget what this feeling is. Undoubtedly, it can be the beginning of the loneliest times of your life. Whatever situation we are now, let us be sure to express love this holiday season. For this year, show everyone how much you love them and do not let the bad moments in the past cloud your thoughts. The best thing you could do is be thankful for the love you have received and be excited for the encroaching future. I am sure for any of you, you will find it again sooner than later :)


The table is all done! Finally!  


Some of you have asked the cost to make this. Here is the breakdown:

  • Wood - $1.50 Most was found in the backyard and Home Depot Lumber section(my favorite place to scavenge wood)

  • Legs - Free from some Ikea couch we had. We sanded them down to give a "different" look.

  • Doggie - 33 cents at party city

  • Hours of non-stop barking, chewing, biting, being annoying, breaking, fixing, breaking again, eating, running around, tools, time, stress, anger, frustration, my dad being a bozzo, etc... Priceless


We decided to use a doggy for some added uniqueness. I hope the custom handle can put up with the pressure!....Of me biting it :)

Not sure how a fire truck, fireman and a doggie got inside. I guess they like hanging out together.

Hopefully our friend likes it. I will be taking a trip to SF to deliver it and maybe catch a glimpse of something cool.

Take a look at what i found last time while we strolled around Valencia Street. 


Also, our Christmas tree is all set. Compared to the tree where my dad works, I think mine is better. It has enormous detail. 

I am excited to see what gifts I get this year! Ill show you once I open them tonight :)

And look what our friends at peppermintspace made for us! It was our ugly Christmas party and made these awesome designs to share with everyone. I ate a Santa on accident :0

For more designs check out their Instagram and Facebook.



Time to shut down my engines.  Need to rest for tonight. So exciting! 


Sincerely, Linus