Happy New Year

Hi Friends, 

Time to make this quick and short! Only a few hours left for the year to end and a great one to transpire.

Another year we leave in the dust! Let this coming year guide and transform us to the person we want to become. “On your last day on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become”. Let us be grateful every day we are 6ft above ground as not everyone is fortunate to do so. For the dreams that blew up during the most inopportune moments, we can only learn the hard lessons. For those no longer with us, spiritually and emotionally, let us wish them good luck in the rest of their path in life.

For me, this year has been an interesting year by far. For many of you, you may have experienced mixed emotions at work, life, with family and loved ones. To me, the world seemed to be a different color as I had been looking at it through a colored witty bitty tiny pebble. After a sudden and unexpected removal of this pebble, at last, I saw true values in life. During these times, we are placed in a position to navigate through the sea of disinformation. At many times in our life, we muddle through the least important tasks of the many millions that are placed in front of us. Then, we forget one of the most important thing. Us. Me. You. For the new year, I encourage you to overcome the biggest enemy, the face in the mirror. A daunting task of course. However, once defeated, unimaginable things may happen. In fact, when these things do happen, you may consider yourself lucky. Do not fool yourself, after all you are the only one capable of pulling a shrewd deceit heavily NOT in your favor. It was the courage you took that paved the way to these “lucky” occurrences. But good luck comes to those who accept opportunity. So when opportunity knocks on the door, take it and Run! Just kidding, you don't have to run. Walking is perfectly fine. But, do your homework first. Like my wood working pals tell me, measure twice and cut once. Better a little caution than a great regret. 

As we journey towards 2017,  let us think positive and increase the ability to learn. Thomas Huxley said that the only medicine for suffering, crime and all the other woes of mankind, is wisdom.

Say goodbye to 2016. Bye Bye, Aloha, Ciao, Au Revoir, Adios, Bon Voyage, Arrivederci...

And say hello to the new year and welcome it with arms wide open!


Look! Me in the Tangoes puzzle game. If you ever get a chance you just have play this game! It looks easy but it will get your little brain all twisted up and confused and probably frustrate you! 

Christmas was great by the way! Lots of gifts were sent to me from Santa's little helper. Those little guys really do a great job making kids happy every year.

Santa must of heard when I mentioned to my paw friend next door I will be camping this year. He got me a zippo hand warmer. It’s a cheap and handy gadget to keep your paws warm when it's freezing out in the wild. He got me tennis balls too and I also got a used eraser from my dad. Cheapskate! I thought it was strange but maybe it's to erase the mistakes I have done in my past and make me a better doggie?? Possibly. I guess he is more useful than I thought!

My aunt also got a neat little toy for Christmas. The Cameo Silhouette vinyl machine. We decided attempting to make my logo and tt turned out good!


All ready to be applied on my laptop. 


Ironically, the color of the vinyl that was included was a magenta color. It reminded me of my favorite show as a pup. Blue's Clues! Remember Magenta?


Finally, Momma-V got me a sweatshirt for the cold! I think it reads "Mejico". Speaking of, dad might be taking a trip down there in April leaving me alone :(


And with that, we bid you good luck in 2017 :)

Sincerely, Linus