NBA Cont.

Hi friends, 

The game was so fun! I wasn't able to sneak in the camera so no pics with my Nikon BUT captured one with my Ipaw.

Good news is i was able to sneak in! They didn't give me any trouble because we were in some fancy Mezzanine Suite(whatever that meant!). I was more interested in the free snacks and food! The view was amazing and the people around me were so loving! 


Moving on, our mini operations have grinded to a mini hault. Our workplace got demolished! Apparently the tree was old and crusty, like my toys. Christmas is around the corner and i hope to get lots of toys! The tree crumbled and smashed part of our workplace. Frankly, after smelling it numerous amount of times, i knew this was bound to happen. I wonder how many of my paw friends lived here before me since it had such a strong and potent urine smell :/ My grandpa in the last month had taken observation and mentioned it needed trimming too. My dad being so stubborn didn't acknowledge it and now this happened.


The conditions after the destruction were workable but limited. We will need to patch it up with a tarp and hopefully the rain won't seep in. Because of this problem the table will have to wait one more week :/ as well as our other mini projects.


I am excited that we are devoting more time and work on our motorcycle! The direction we want to take in the way it looks is uncertain at the moment. Obviously i will be doing the majority of the paw work because my dad can be a mumbling mechanic most times.

We recently received our riser kit and excited to advance in our project!

We plan on making some luggage racks to attach our equipment when we go in our mini adventures. Cant wait to ride all the local areas and snap pictures of the beautiful landscapes. In fact, my dad was Soooooo close in buying one of his dream motorcycles this week!

The BMW Scrambler


That is not him in the pic by the way. He will look less cool.

Unfortunately, the day he was supposed to go see it someone else had swooped it. I am sure he will find another one sometime. 

He might end up looking for a F650 GS instead. If anyone knows of one for sale let us know!


Soon i hope he buys my wittle helmet!


and my doggles! like my paw friend Deacon from the other side of the border!


Lastly, 12 days of Art in San Jose begin today! To think that San Jose has about 8 square blocks in the downtown area and over 50 art display locations you can visit is truly amazing. I hope we can go one of these days to take some pictures and show you a few local art shows San Jose has to offer. 

Just thinking of all this has me exhausted! I am ready to call it a night.

Strangely, my dad whispered to me "Cover up buddy so they don't get you" Huh?? What a weirdo. 

Sincerely, Linus