Hi Friends, 

We rolled to Monterey this weekend only because the weather was being friendly. The sun was beaming in my face all day and it was the perfect temperature to run around the beach. I couldn't capture good pictures and videos because:

I couldn't hold the camera while running (kinda heavy)

I was so "fast" (the few pics that I have came out blurry)

I was having so much fun!

There is a nice viewing spot along the trail with benches and picnic tables


Not sure why I keep finding these little airplanes with missing pieces. Strange!


Our paw/footprints


We also had an opportunity to visit my uncle and try his new BBQ Pit. The night was perfect for a feast and the tasty odor smelled mouthwatering. I could not help but to think how savory they must taste but I knew I wasn't going to be treated :/

I must say it is an awesome wittle pit. Cooking them takes a bit of work but the results are every second worth it. 


The final product! Yummy


Our tiny piece of wood to get the fire crackling.


And it's Superbowl Sundae! I hope everyone enjoys a great time with friends and loved ones! I am excited for the puppy bowl and I hope my team wins!


Until next time!

Sincerely, Linus