Video + Christmas Tree

Hi friends, 

Our Go Pro accessory kit arrived! Comes with a bunch of cool stuff and tons of things to tinker with! Excited to use that yellow tube too! Not sure what it is but ill figure it out.


At the moment, we are learning what tool is best for the outing we tackle. Our goal is to shoot some adventurous moments like skydiving with our good friend that teaches newbies like us how to jump off planes, surfing with some of our buddies(Cant wait to hit up those gnarly waves! Right on bro!) Camping trips and snowboarding trips. First time ever in the snow too! Possibly kayaking and motorcycle track days at the one and only, Laguna Seca(ready for that corkscrew!) and many more adventures to come! A packed agenda for next year! Hopefully our camera can hang tight with us. Oh and how could i forget, scuba diving with our best friend that loves to go into the open sea!(scary!)

For those of you who have a go pro you may know that lighting is imperative for crystal clear pictures. Without the proper light it is almost impossible to capture good pictures. The shutter speed is fixed so no way of adjusting how much light you want in. Fortunately, most pics should be outside(I doubt you can skydive inside) Going to take some serious guts for my dad to do it. I don't think he is brave enough, like me-self. 

Here are 2 pics out of like 1,000,000 that came out just OK. I am disappointed with his camera skills too.




Also! We are learning how to edit videos! This is our first video so please give us a break and we apologize for the atrocious editing work to all the video editing gurus. Still trying to figure out the speed on the camera. Terrible video.


Lastly, we are getting our 1st Christmas tree!

Now, my dad is a colossal cheapskate. He essentially deprives himself from spending too much cause he wants to save for "retirement". I tell him to take it easy... Learn from me, i don't worry as much. Plus i only have about 10-15yrs to live so i don't have time to worry about retirement. He is a supposedly voracious reader when it comes to investing so retirement is one of his end goals. BORING! 

Ok! So being who he is, he mentioned our 1st tree was going to be made from the tree barks. WAIT! WHAT?.. Tree barks? A tree made out of more tree? What is a bark? I bark. I am so confused!


That is not how a tree is supposed to look like!

It looks like trash! In fact, it is trash! What is he thinking? making a tree out of more tree trash? Geeze!


I am going to make him buy an actual Christmas tree and have presents underneath with ornaments and lights. 


It is undoubtedly upsetting that he does not treat me and himself to the appropriate materialistic items that are needed for a Christmas holiday. Can someone tell him to have a little bit of decency and put some effort in it! Right? Thank you!

Keep an eye out real soon. I will be sure to replace that junk with something more seasonal. 

Lastly, one of our good friends is visiting the DC-3 plane wreckage in Iceland. Very cool picture and place to visit if you all get a chance! He kindly sent us this picture. Awesome right!??


If you get a chance listen to some music from this Icelandic Band too! A good Gem!


Sincerely, Linus