Cookies Anyone

Hi Friends,

Looking for something that pleases the eye and your little belly? Look no further! Our friends over at peppermintspace are creating these awe-inspiring cookies with the idea of bringing fun, joyous and artsy creations while managing them to taste delicious.

These cookies are bursting an awesome taste. With different menus that will suite your palate, these cookies jingle all the way and are packed with flavor. Made from organic ingredients, these cookies taste great and aesthetically, the design is superb! Unique arrangements and cool packaging!

They sent some my way to try them out and all I can say is yummy for my tummy!

Love the design! Mostly my name on the cookie :).

And here are more creations they have done!

These cookies will have you craving for more! Guaranteed!

Do not dither around and pre-order your batch now! Limited designs available so make sure you ask what you are looking for! 


Ps- They are in the beginning stages of creating their personal space :)

Take care everyone!

Sincerely, Linus