I would like to begin by apologizing for not making time to update the blog last week. I got tangled with drama about territory marks with the puppies around the neighborhood and lost track of time. Fluff-Ball was not happy at all after i nipped him in the ear. Anyway, a few things i would like to share. 

The puppies over at Paw Central Ave have decided to join us and will be focusing in creating handsome handmade jewelry. They are devoting time into making jewelry for all the ladies and gents to reflect the awesomeness life they enjoy with their paw friends beside them. Bracelets are their main focus but they may expand to necklaces in the near future. The designs for the new products are not set in stone but i am excited to see what they have in mind. 

In addition, status of the fabric design is taking longer than expected. For some reason the textile mill cant figure out how to operate their machinery. Confusing right??

Be sure to keep your eyes open! More to come in the shop section!..

As for some not so exciting news, I went number one on the carpet (no pics will be shown) and got in really big trouble. I had no bad intentions. I was overly excited to see my dad. I had not seen him in what? 5minutes? Give or take..But it felt like an eternity! He was upset and very mad at me :(.  I was a bit angry myself as I felt my dads logic was egregious but he will never understand, unfortunately. And there i go, tearing up my bed and releasing all the anger inside. Love to ruin antique furniture! and of course, socks and shoes are my favorite! Newspaper is my go-to target. Too much fun :). SHhhhh its a secret.


I got punished and placed in time out. Little puppy jail time :(





I was told to think long and hard after what I had done. Thinking is tiring though. Cant remember the last time i did that. Life is so hard and the obstacles in life seem interminable for me. 










Just kidding. Life is easy for me :). All i want to do is take over the bed and relax!

Lastly, my Instagram will be getting pictures and I will begin to get more involved with the app!

Sincerely, Linus