Plans for next week

Hi Friends,

Another week goes by and another seems to be rushing in! I'm very motivated helping out on this new project.

 It's exciting feeling to get the ball rollin with the new suspension parts for my dad's car that I will be helping on the install next week. They arrived today and I'm itching to get my paws dirty. Or maybe it's the bugs that have me itching?? Who knows! 

It wont be lead-pipe cinch. Some new parts had to be ordered to compliment the "German Engineering" (whatever that means). Even if I have to MacGyver some tools, I feel confident and I am more than capable of doing the job correctly. I feel like I'm pretty wily when it comes to these things.

It will be a tough task to accomplish with the springs being heavier than my entire body. Last time I performed a complex task of this sort I ended up putting the wrong parts together. Notice the atrocious work done by me. All blame goes to my dad though. He didn't explain things clearly the first time.

I will also help restore a motorcycle that my dad just bought.

On a side note, I am a bit annoyed by the fact he is provides small gadgets for me. I need big boy tools!

What the heck!? For some reason he thinks I can't use bigger screwdrivers so he gives me this miniature one.

Again, you can't do the job right with the wrong tools!

Also, I will be attending the dog park here by my house for the first time. The pups from Barkhouse Ave rave so much about this park being huge and having lots of space to be run around crazy like a chicken without a head. We will wait and see if these stories hold true.

And I'm not sure why dad put a wrench on my collar. How rude!

Until next time :)

Sincerely, Linus