Mini vacation turns into a more mini hiatus

      Its is evident that I have not been updating my site. I have been out visiting many places and have not been home for the past weeks. It might be worthwhile to comment that I did not have my camera and was not able to take pics of everything I saw during this expedition. I was bummed over the fact that I had forgotten it :( There were many things I could have taken photos of and I was very disappointed.  But just as things were looking bleakest for me, from a greater distance, I spotted a white shark! To my surprise, my vision was better than I thought and noticed site of the sharkie from almost a mile away. Sprinting as fast as I could, with the sandy wind in my eyes, I was afraid I would not reach it in time to give it a kissy(most likely some barks would have been the case). Not to my surprise, I caught up to it and gave it some friendly barks. He waved goodbye and I trotted back to the campground. Daddy Mention! I had a blast. I learned never to forget my camera again!


Sincerely, Linus