Back for Action

My has been a while that I last visited my own website. I am most definitely upset with this and will continue to improve on this aspect. Lots of things going on with my life but i promise i will get back sharing my new experiences every month!

Let me begin with some exciting news, tidbits and factoids!

We have finally rented our room! For a long time, we had a vacant room in our home we used for storage, but now we have a new roommate to share our home with. Unfortunately for me, it means i may not have the luxury of doing whatever i desire and I will need to show respect, kindness and hospitality. No more running around from one room to another or hiding under the couches displaying my temper tantrums like a toddler. Also, i am not allowed to bark anytime the "after" hours.  I guess it's my own personal mini curfew. On the upside of it all, it turns out she has a few little pals I can play with! I have yet to meet them though but excited about that for sure!

This past weekend i decided to visit my uncle in Monterey. I did not want to pass up the great weather and provided an opportunity to drive down highway 1. While on my visit, i had a chance to chit chat with someone at starbies. They mentioned these so called "pupuchinos" they offer for doggies. It was my first time hearing about these whip cream cups. Allegedly, they are good in spiking up your sugar levels and lots of doggies seem to like them. I cant imagine them being healthy but I'm sure they are tasty! I decided not to get one because i needed to eat dinner first, but when i do buy one, i will post a picture...Or 2.



My venture to create my design on tee shirts came to a tiny halt. It turns out that the guy manufacturing the design is going out of business! It will take some time to find a decent and cost effective place here in the bay area to build my idea. If you know of any please let me know!

This being said, I've put my mind to work and decided to tackle a different project. This project will definitely take some time but i am attracted to the majesty of its simplicity with lots of labor work and tedious work. It requires manipulating fine coarse wood, something i have not done in months. At the moment, all work will be done in-house, means of production under my belly and labor with my own paws. Now, as much as i would like to get it going, it does take lots of work in the beginning. In fact, i have been saving my hard earn money for the necessities to get it started. You may ask..what do i do for work? Well, I take my dad for walks every Monday...

My raw materials will be kinda expensive at first so i will have to be strategic how i distribute my money. I will need to develop a plan to divide cash for the supply and COLA aka ECFFAS(Extra Cost For Food And Snacks) in the pet world. I have been craving the beacon strips for a while but those will have to wait a few more weeks or months, if getting this project underway is my priority. I consider it a unique project so i will hold off some detail and let it be a mini surprise but i am eager to share it with all of you. More info to come.

I've also decided to put exercising as a top priority. I have not been very active these past 2 months and my walks have been shortening. Most of my outings are within the Downtown area but more recently i have been heading towards the direction of Japan Town since its fairly close from our house. I was impressed at how the people here have managed to preserve the Japanese and Asian culture at large. I must confess I count myself lucky to have visited one of the three remaining Japan towns in the US. Thank you, dude, for the opportunity.

My plan Initially consisted of being selfish and only posting pictures of myself. Then i realized how different it can be if you guys see the wonderful people i have an opportunity to hang out and interact with. You will have the chance to see pictures of different people that i encounter from friends, relatives and all walks of life.

See this loser? That's him, my owner. He doesn't like when I take pictures of him. I will need to shoot some candid photos i guess. He didn't comply so i chewed on his shoe. He wasn't bothered at the beginning but later began pointing fingers blaming me for the torn shoe, but most importantly, the wood we were supposed to work with.  I guuuesss it was me... After all, i was the only other walking creature with canine teeth around at that time.

He kind of looks like me right? We almost share the same ears. 

"You did it!" Oh shush...Complainer.. 


I acted as if nothing occurred and expressed my innocent face...

and yea, he was happy again. Actually, i even got a snack. What a fool!

The weekend is almost here and i hope everyone has a great one! As for me, I'm looking forward to next week already!

Sincerely, Linus