Mexico City CDMX

Hello friends!

My dad is back from his trip and I was right again! I smelled something strange, and it wasn't the smelly cats from our neighbor, when I saw him pack before his departure. My gut told me he was on vacation but he insisted it was a "work" trip. Little liar told me I would be left alone for a few weeks and he was gone for 2 months. I sucked it up and took care of myself. I cooked for myself(burnt a few pans), took walks around the block(fun times) and showered myself(left lots of hair in the shower). Being alone felt so liberating and Henry David Thoreau couldn't have said it better, solitude is the name of the game(sometimes). It gave me time to reflect on life and it felt so calming not to hear my dad yap "Bathroom outside, sit, good boy and night night". I don't like the word night night. Who came up with that anyway? Or Boo Boo Meister? BoobsterMcGee? Boobooshhscaboosh? Who knows!

He came back with lots of interesting stories, shared fun experiences and painted colorful pictures in my head. This is what he had to say...

Linus, Boo Boo Meister, I wish you were here with me. You would really like this place and the people that live here. Food options are unlimited, ice cream parlors can be found almost everywhere and beautiful architecture is among the most entertaining to me. Plus, you would make lots of doggie friends here but I could never let you wander alone in these streets because you would get lost in a blink of an eye. Buddy, it's a dog-eat-dog world here but gentle in many other ways. Let me make it short and show you what I saw. 

Mexico City is enormous and not to the liking of everyone, but diverse and beautiful in all other aspects. This wasn't my first time here but it's so big that you need a few days to discover it all. I got a chance to see many historical sites, museums and learned a lot of our past history. I met wonderful locals and visitors from all over.  You can find almost any person from different parts of the world. It is so diverse and open to everyone. I met a nice couple from Brazil that guided me to a great Brazilian restaurant, a young lady from London who joined me to scope the pyramids, another from Argentina that invited me to her hometown and a sweet girl from France who was learning the way around the city and her Spanish.


I couldn't help to think of my girlfriend Natalia. Que hermosa!(She doesn't know we are together, what a shame). I was hoping, while strolling through the historic part of town, to see her and sing to me.


I started off with The "Museo de Antropologia". This place is phenomenal, mind-blowing I would even say. Some of the architectural remains of ancient civilization are everywhere and it's one of the most comprehensive and fabulous archeological museums in the world. They have a stunning display of all the wonderful pieces they have found throughout the years.

Coyoacan has good food to offer, nice people and a lively family nightlife. If you like churros, this is the place! The house of Frida Kahlo, which is now a museum is here too. It reminded me of the local artist Lila Downs. 


And a captivating instrumental little duo


Carlos Slim built Soumaya with a vast number of art collection from Rodin, Dali, Rivera and many others. Most of the collection is one of its kind and extensive in design. I commend him for offering views of his collection free to the public. Upon entering, you will encounter Rodins "The Gates of Hell".  1 of 8 in the world and eye-riveting in person. And the architecture of the building is really interesting too.  


The pyramids in Teotihuacan are spectacular. Its enormous size made it intriguing to look at it in person. 


I wanted to visit Cafebreria El Pendulo as soon as I landed. It's basically a bookstore with a coffee shop, hence the name of the place, but with a fantastic indoor layout. It made me feel as if I was in a forest of trees. The ambiance is calm and it builds a desire to read. A strange feeling most definitely. It's a nice place to have some coffee(most drinks have a dinky amount of alcohol) and bone up on some reading. Polanquito is a neat place to walk around, go out at night and offers plenty of restaurants. Plenty.


I also had a chance to visit my homes state Jalisco. A beautiful place where tequila and mariachi were born. Tradition, Music and Culture are the core elements of this State. I then thought about my dream girl Ximena :). Bien Chula! Ironically both of my girlfriends share the stage on this performance!


I took a stroll to Lake Chapala and visited a small town called Ajijic. It's a jaunty town that caters mostly for retirees. It is not uncommon to see folks driving their golf carts around town. A lot of International retirees come here and has quite a bit of art exposure from different places in the region and State.


Look Linus. I found one of your friends reading! Smart like you.


Well, there you go folkies, his adventures to the other world. He had plenty of stuff to share and pictures to show me. Too much in fact that I got sooo tired. Once he spotted closing my eyes, he went into attack mode and whispered in my ear "night night". Great! It starts again. 


Until next time!