New Findings

Hi Friends! 

More work downsizing to make room for..........why are we downsizing? Not sure anymore.... Anyway, we love to read! BUT we have been spending less on books because, like most of my toys and snacks, books get costly in the long run. In fact, even buying used from online or recycled bookstores can leave a hole in your pocket(If you wear pants of course. I don't wear any yet cause I cannot find any of my size). One of my favorite used bookstore in the San Jose area is the Recycle Book Store in the Alameda. They have a huge selection of books from all kinds of genres. Most books I enjoy reading are Non-Fiction and include:

  • Self - Help -------> Great when I need lots of help finding myself! I get lost sometimes and It's a dog-eat-dog world out there!
  • Horror -------------> Scary!
  • Finance -----------> My other preferred subject. Helps me figure out how and IF I can afford toys!
  • Cooking ----------> Helps to know how to prepare my doggy meals when dad is not around!
  • Drama -------------> Pass!
  • Art ------------------> I enjoy all forms of art! 

and much more! 

Even though you can find a few scattered used books stores throughout San Jose, I think this one has a better selection.

Wooden screechy noises and Cat roaming around add something different to it!


I have been finding more things I never knew we had and it turns out we have a classic car! A 1958 Oldsmobile Super 88(pictures soon to come). Take a look at this registration receipt I found in my junk bag. Look how far it dates back in time! 78! It's in a pristine condition too!


A coin(Rand) from South Africa. Dad mentioned the beautiful cities, landscapes and beaches there is in SA. 


And lastly, I got a pet mat and frisbee for being a good doggy :) So exciting!


I was getting rid of some of my video games and found one from 2012! Reminded me of this song! A jam from the local bay area group too.


See you all next week!

Sincerely, Linus