Lost and Found

Hi Friends, 

Quick question: Have you ever found yourself scavenging for a misplaced item only to find more misplaced items?? Well, I was looking for my toys through storage and found some interesting trinkets.

Remember my dad getting me an old eraser for Christmas? Turns out I have more! It seems like erasers are a thing for me and I am starting to think there must be some odd reason why I have so many! Something smells fishy around here but no one wants to spill the beans and I will have to figure this one out on my own. 

But look! The airplane is missing the rudder and for this reason it cannot yawww! Oh no!  And I found a fast red motorcycle too! Vroom Vroom! I hope it's speedy to erase my mistakes so I can learn faster!


Look at this EARaser! Give me a sec while I Gough and erase my mistakes now.


And look at this Tektite and Meteorite I found. For the curious minds out there, in simple terms, tektites are Earth rocks blasted to space and back by the force of an asteroid impact. Meteorites on the other hand are bits of asteroids that fall to Earth. Both of these come from the outer regions of Japan circ. 1500.




I've been finding many things I didn't know I had and I'll post more in the upcoming weeks.

I took a stroll to MLK library Monday in celebration and remembrance for this day of service. Upon arriving, I looked up with a profound look and ready to begin my journey for all knowledge, trying to atone for past wasted time. The prolonged useless stretch I had thrown away in my past was jogging my memory and I wanted to catch up quick! It was dark, cold and the winds all over my tiny doggie body would not relent. It was pouring rain but my tiny umbrella held strong and kept the water out of my face. I made it in one piece.

MLK at night is beautiful. A nexus point for a college student and conveniently located in the heart of downtown.


I was there to collect my library card to give me access to millions of books and the MLK Civil Rights collection. I was attending puppy school since the last time I had my library card. At that time, one of my paw-lleagues was discontent at me cause I ate his homework and he came back with vengeance to eat my card. I definitely needed a new one. I think Fluffball ate it but fingers were pointed out to Boo Bradley. Darn Boo Boo! 

They offer 6 new designs, getting rid of the old boring black and yellow card.

You can check out the new creations and their descriptions behind the inspiration by clicking on the link.  


I chose this one for me-self...

I encourage all of you to read and gain as much knowledge to avoid becoming some pathetic dust in someone's glimmering chandelier. Naturally, we all hold the capacity to learn everything and anything we want. We only need to put our part.

"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid" - A. Einstein. Do not let anyone make you feel that way.

For many of us, the cards in life aren't dealt in our favor so we need to learn how to play the hand we have.

I have only lived in this great country for 1 year and have no opinion on the election but It seems that it has everyone going cuckoo - cachoo.  I don't know anything more than 1-10, my Abc's and "This Land is Your Land" when we performed it at puppy school. I found this video and I think it does a great job in presenting the meaning of the song. Unfortunately, the plot of this story may not resonate the feelings of many in our moment in time. 


“If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” - MLK




I also thought this song would be fitting at the moment...

"Wait, back to the enemy of the state Is the Republicans or Democratic candidate"

I suppose we can only choose the lesser of two evils. 


Upon returning I was pretty tired and looking at the clock, it was night night time!


Lastly, the Ringley Bros. circus is closing its doors! I guess they got tired of clowning around? 

Sincerely, Linus