Hi Friends, 

First and foremost, Happy B-day to all the November peeps! 

Our October month was a bit lethargic. We started at a snail-like pace in the beginning and we finished at even a slower pace at the end, reminding me when I was a puppy and sniffing everything to find the perfect place to take care of my potty needs! Those sniffing days took forever and I am glad they are way long gone!


With only one post consisting of information so vague and useless that it wouldn't save you against Bigfoot's foot if you ever came across him/her, I was a bit unsatisfied. However, we weren't home most of the month so it was difficult getting access to our resources.

I was also disappointed that we didn't buy a Halloween costume.

I wanted dad to buy me this little prince costume....


Oh well, maybe next year.

A wistful sigh. 

But we kinda ran out of time


and moola


This month we have some things we need to start AND finish. Our tiny brains will be thinking at 1,000mph each day to achieve badassity in every goal we tackle and by the end of the month, we hope to achieve at least one goal. No more twiddling our thumbs and fidgeting with our paws.

Or even to hang out with "friends" unfortunately :(

Dad - "Don't be so hard on yourself buddy or dare to have a cold little heart. We can still make time for friends".


Me - "But Pepe, I wake up in the morning trying to understand lots of things but only realize it hurts to live. Especially when you leave to work all day and I don't get to see you for so long and annoy you so much. Removing this barrier from my life would make my life so much easier!"


Dad - "Well It's a love and hate relationship pal. Just like anything in life".


Most importantly, if you are around the area, there is only one place you should be checking out.

This hockey event where you can take your paw friends inside! Just be sure to keep them cozy because it's cold inside the Ice hockey rink!!


Until next time!