December Means Christmas!

Hi Friends, 

Happy B-Day to everyone born this month! 

Christmas is around the corner and the year is almost over! Where did all this time go?

It's that time of the season again! Full of cool lights, funny music, and happy people! Don't believe me? Look around, December does miracles!

Our little Christmas tree is going up this weekend! Our friend, an angel godsend from above, will stop by to help out. Hopefully, she brings candy canes :) Por favor!

Me - "Dad, what are you going to be for Christmas?"

Dad - "Linus, you can only dress up for Halloween which was sooo 2 months ago. Get it straight buddy."

Me - "But you still look like a clown........Anyway, are you hitting the gymbo today?"

Dad - "I have to buddy. Every day, every hour, every minute. Tomorrow never comes until it's too late."

Me - "OK weirdo."


At the moment I am stumped on what to share since I have so many things in my mind. I'll leave you with 2 pictures in the meantime while I try to organize my thoughts so they all make sense.

Here I am with my new toy. I really like the squeaky ones! Hint! Hint!


And here I am chasing little squirrels! I will make videos in the future when the squirrels come out and play again! 


Check back this month for more entries.

Meanwhile, check this event out if you are in the bay area!

Sincerely, Linus