1 week until the New Year!

Hi Friends, 

Wow, tonight is Christmas Eve! Time flew right?

Me - "Hey dad, it's sooooo cold. Why don't you buy a heater so the room can be a little warmer? Or get us some cuddle buddies."

Dad - "We tried the heater last year and it broke, did you forget? I can't be buying heaters all the time because they are expensive!"

Me - "Yea that's true. But you say cuddle buddies are much more expensive."

Dad - "They are astronomically more expensive my friend and sometimes, kinda scary, they come with loose bolts, just like our heater did. I think we are doing just fine being alone."

Me - "You are right. Good thinking dad"

I hope dad gets me a haircut for Christmas because I need one badly. 


Dad -  "Hey Linus, what would you like for Christmas?"

Linus - "All I want for Christmas is you!"


Dad - " :) "

I hope everyone has a great time with their loved ones tonight! Enjoy!

And I am excited to see what I get this year!

Sincerely, Linus