Valentine's Day

Hi Friends, 

I forgot it was Valentine's Day! I hope each and every one of you enjoys this day with your loved ones, especially to all you love birds.  And let us not forget, it's a day of celebration for friendship too! Time for some hugs! 

I didn't want a kiss or hug from him(he has not showered yet... will he?? I hope..). At this moment I can only stare deep into his perplexing eyes proposing a rain check for that long awaited hug and kiss...even though it has only been less than 12hrs...

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Some of my favorite songs come from Aussie territory. Enjoy this piece and many more on youtube!

"Sexual attraction is even dangerous"...hehehe woof woof 


And for those who grew up in the 90's, remember this song??


Well Mr. Faker made one of his own. I think this lad is pretty rad.


Keep jamming!

Sincerely, Linus