April Beginnings

Hello Friends!

I hope everyone is having a great week! 

My dad disappoints me again! I just found out he will be traveling to Mexico for "business" this month. I don't believe any of that! He says flying is only for fun and not for business. When he first told me, I was excited. I thought to myself "woof, vacation, woof, woof" *dog talk (good luck deciphering). I would finally see something different! The possibilities of warm beaches, tasty food, and rich history. I kept chasing my tail like crazy! 


BUT my hopes fell apart when we found out that I needed vaccinations to travel and there was no way I could ever get them on time. I was left heart broken, again...

Heartbroken again? Yes, again. Last year, my dearest friend from the Dogpatch neighborhood said to me the dejected words no doggie should ever here. "If you love me don't ever bark out at me(woof, woof) or doggy speak to me ever again” and ”I don't want to see you ever again”. I was left in shock. I couldn't understand why these selective words were said to me, and it only took those few words to debilitate me despite my enormous, warm and strong heart. I will surely miss our running adventures. 

“No girl who plays the role of a hero in her story dates a guy who uses her. She knows who she is. She just forgot for a little while.”

I looked for words of wisdom from my paw friends, the squirrels in our backyard, and the weirdish wild cat that sits all day at the house next door. It seems miraculous, first of all, the cat doesn't do anything but sit, yet, his wisdom is monstrous. 

I also finished reading a book called A Million Miles In a Thousand Years by Donald Miller. For some odd reason, it reminded me of this song...


 I only wish another special person has taken a spot in her heart now and someday I will be in someone's special place too :). 

But I knew everything would be ok when my dad gave me a lick(kiss) and hug.

Who knew that human saliva can mend a broken heart…


I paid back with a kissie too.


I even got a kiss from a friend that came to visit before his departure!


Anyway, a band I listened to when I was a puppy, Radiohead, is coming to Berkley bowl. If you get a chance, check out this cool outdoor venue.  Unfortunately, my dad will be gone this day. I don’t have anyone to take me and I can’t hop on the bus because no doggies are allowed unless I sneak attack behind someone? I may consider it. If you, or know anyone that wants a companion for the concert, let me know! I like concerts! Or if someone wants to take care of me for the time being, I'm ok with that too.

I enjoy their poetry. 


We went to work on our motorcycle this week and lots of changes have been made. Some very old parts have been replaced with new ones and a lot of loose nuts and bolts have been tightened up on the bike, and my dad. Intense work involved! 


My dad couldn't take me to the shop with him because we don't have a pet carriage yet :( He made a new friend! Her name is Belle. Isn't she so cute! You can find her on Instagram too!



Supposedly my dad will start vlogging once he gets the bike up and running. He wants to capture some scenic routes and local hot spots. It will take some time to get the setup done but summer is coming along and the weather is fantastic for another hobby of this kind. In addition, he said I will also be part of the Vlog too. More work to be done and that is for sure!

Speaking of summer rolling along, I don't know how to swim :(. In fact, I am afraid of water which sometimes includes showers. Actually, I'm always afraid of showers. My dad wants to teach me how to swim so we can splash water together and make videos but I am scared! He plans to buy an inflatable pool in the summer but we will see if I build the courage to jump in.

It reminded me of this song...


Our product is coming along like we thought. Here is a pic that doesn't make sense to me but it's the only picture we can work with at the moment.

What the chuck is this? :/

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

These past days have been so warm and beautiful and figured I could take a picture of this random palm tree in the middle of our background? Who would do this?

Hey there...


Care to dance?? :)

PW speaks Spanish?



Did I scare you? Sorry!


Ok, it's chill time with these 2 beautiful women. 


Last but not least, today is wet nose Wednesday. Go adopt a pet if you do not have one yet. There are many of my paw friends that are always in need of a helping hand from you caring human creatures :)