Happy Birthday!

Final Update!

Alrighty! The final update from our B-Day week is finally done. Did it take us almost an entire month? Wow, incredibly upsetting and utterly ashamed.

Firstly, we took an escape journey to the beach to avoid the beginning of the sultry summer heat. Visiting the beach and absorbing some cooler weather was much needed especially after the scorching 100 degrees inside our old shoddy home. I love the beach but strong rip currents scare me, mostly the freezing temperature of the water. It paralyzes my wittle paws! And according to "Beach Doggies For Life", 3 doggies die each year of drowning. Recent studies have also shown that black doggies have a higher probability to drown because naturally, they are bad swimmers. I am so scared! I tell my dad that I don't ever want to be a statistic in any study :(

Love digging away!


Upon returning from our mini trip to the beach, I was thrilled to see what my dad had bought me. One of my many favorite desserts, Cake! My love, my passion, my kryptonite. My jaw shakes and my feet tremble when I see any cake and I go bazurks! Ok, maybe I exaggerated a little or a lot, but it definitely is one of my favorites.  In fact, I suggested my name be "cake pop"  but my dad highly recommended I should think twice whenever I ask for something ever again. I am not sure why because I am full of great ideas! 

I want my cake


He got me the weak tasting cakes at Pet Smart. Now, I am not saying Pet Smart sucks, only a little, but there are definitely juicier cakes out there. A little upsetting but I'll forgive him. I was hoping he bought me the ones they sell at the mall. About $25 a pop, 5 inches and get devoured with a blink of an eye. Yup! those are the cakes I am talking about! I am going to make him go broke!


"My peanut butter chocolate cake with Kool-Aid" Whatt???

Remember this guy? Little anthropomorphic pitcher mascot?? "Oh yeah!"

For those of you not aware of the damage that Kool-Aid can make, It's true, the colors in this drink can stain your cloth! The plus side is they can be used as dye for hair or wool(Kinda wish I could dye my hair a different color to swim better!) So you pay 1 price for 2 products! Sort of. Awesome! But poor little sheep :(

And my dad was and still excited his team won. They were able to defeat their nemesis with a 2-1 score and become champions once again. Intense, nail biting and nerve racking game but they came out on top when the final whistle blew. He has been wearing his jersey every day and he smells terrible! (Disgusting)

I don't blame him, even Obama is a fan :) 


No surprise I got 15lbs worth of tennis balls either.


Got these new "Hyper" balls. What are they insinuating here? mmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Keep an eye out for July. We hope to finally have one product finished and start building another!

That is all for now, my dad went for a motorcycle ride and left me alone. He said he will be back with a surprise! I can't wait!


You know, I doubt if you can feel it like I do. But
When I think about the things that I've gone through,
Like, well for instance, if I have a girlfriend and
She misuses me, and I go home at night, maybe I'm
Lonely, well not maybe, I am lonely...

I hope everyone has a good week! :)

Sincerely, Linus

Update #2

What a hectic week it has been for us! I am struggling to find time to do anything and the days are winding down too fast! Wait till you find out what I got my dad for Father's day! My dad has been procrastinating in sending my B-Day pics that I will have to steal his phone and do it myself. Lazy bum. Check back this week for the definitive final updates of our B-Day and we can finally move on forward to interesting and better things!

Update #1

I apologize for taking so long in showing everyone what I got for my birthday last week! My dad took my Ipaw away and told me we need to focus if we want to bring our project to life in.  We have been working on our motorcycle too and that has been taking longer than what we thought! And I don't know if my dad knows what he is doing! I see him banging his head on the wall, looking at what screw goes where and I've seen tons of spare leftover parts.  What a little bozzo!

He took almost half of the motorcycle apart and he is asking if I know how to put it back together. 

I am over here just watching and listening to him talk to himself. I know exactly how to put it back together but I am not telling because I haven't had any snacks lately. 

We like to start our day with some Mahmut remixes to dive into a state of mind never seen before. I see myself playing with 1,000 puppies :)

Anyway, we hope to have update #2 for everyone by Sunday at the latest. I hope everyone has a good week :)


Hi everyone!

It's our birthday! I am so happy dad and I get the chance to share our birthday because we can look forward to something special every year. Considering I've been a bad boy lately, I didn't think he would buy me anything, but I sneaked into his room and found a surprise!

However, the surprise will have to wait for all of us because this whole week we were swamped with "work". I'll update this post in the next few days and add much more in detail. In the meant time, here is a glimpse of our early birthday celebration. 

We got a little surprise visit from our long time friend! I was intrigued how she was able to get to our house since she is a mermaid, so she says :0. I couldn't see how she could swim so far without running out of air or getting thirsty for some fluids. But she made it.  


She drove from such a far place to visit me! We weren't the only ones receiving something special either! She recently graduated and her dad got her a new car as a gift. Double whammy! Nice. I wish my dad bought me a new car but he wont. I love car rides! 

They took a trip to Panther Beach in Santa Cruz. He mentioned it was some "nude" beach and sometimes you see people wandering around without clothes! How true is this? I am not sure because I have never been there to see it myself! SC locals are quite interesting and different so I don't have any doubt it's true. He said he would take me next time but told me not to get big ideas once we get there because they wouldn't happen. Not sure what he was talking about but he said, "No bad doggies allowed!!". 


Ok dad! I tell him that he better watch himself before he wrecks himself.


Frankly, I think my dad is a little out of it. He was acting very strange and I wanted to see what was going on. I sneaked into his room and I saw him fidgeting lots of green herbs in his hands. After about 10 minutes, he compressed them into a pill form and shoved it up his mouth. I thought he was a goat or a sheep for a second but not even those munchkins eat so much green. Suddenly, without any noticed he turned around, pointed at me and stared into my eyes saying, "Get back bad boy, close your eyes and watch me" Excuse me? He began to move in funky ways. I could not believe my eyes. I was startled and in awe. I was the ardent student of the arduous effort he was displaying. 


What a character! He started moving and contorting his body in ways I had never seen before. For a minute, I was worried but he made it out safe from wherever his mind was.

He also likes some of the strangest music. Then again, he thinks we are at the peak point of Sturgeons Law in the music industry. He only spews random thoughts of it but I don't think he knows a lot about music.

"Bombs over Linus, bombs over Linus" - Outkast remix

And 50 cents remix

"Go, go, go, shorty (That's me!)
It's your birthday (Yes it is!)
We gon' party like it's yo birthday (You know it!))
We gon' sip water like it's your birthday (I love water!)
And you know we don't give a duck (A duck?)
It's not your birthday!" (But it is my birthday!??)

I like how they made those 2 remixes for me :)

Turning 1 year older made me think of this song too. Growing up has definitely made me saner and plainer. I think that may be a good thing too. My dad is plain and basic. Basic Billy, I call him sometimes.


Not so long ago we started to retrace our memory and re-discover bands we once listened to. Mostly indie music from artist like Interpol, Arcade Fire, and many others. I like to wiggle my wittle tail when dad plays this song.


However, I think this is one of their better songs. For some very odd reason, it opens my eyes to see destiny in a clearer view. After all, It's important to know where you've been but where you're going is more important. I suppose that's why the windshield is so big and the rear view mirror so small. 


And Ruthless Rose was nice enough to get me flowers and a new display for my doghouse. 


But our mermaid over here swooped on the flower as soon as we got distracted. I hope RR never finds out! But hey, she is helping us make our room a jungle. I'll tell you about that later!


Swooped on his hat too!

"You want this plant Linus? Ok! I will buy you whatever you want little guy". Little guy huh? Mmmm I think you should watch your mouth little girl!


And this was me earlier when I made them play with me for about 2hrs. I was exhausted by the end of our play session and full of debris in my face after tasting everything in our backyard!

See you all next time!