Birthday - "PetSmart" - Music

Hi Friends, 

Our birthday is almost here!

It’s a huge coincidence my dad and I were born the same day but who would have thought! Certainly not muah! Froggy Frank was right when he said my dad and I were meant to be together from second 1. Just 2 more weeks for our big day!

He talks too much that I have to cover his mouth even on pictures!


And I was able to take a candid shot! He doesn't like taking pictures but I do!


This is us!


I am excited to show you what I found at Michaels!

So here is the breakdown. I really enjoy taking walks around town to get some exercise and clear my mind from my daily complaints (running out of drinking water, too many birds I need to chase in the backyard and lately, the heat!). Whenever I have the chance for these type of walks, I jump on them as fast as I can. Jumping, jumping, jumping! I decided to visit the store my buddies at the neighborhood always talk about. I was in urgent need to buy shower supplies and food. Although not my first time taking a mini journey alone, this would turn out to be a different walk. 

Most times I’ve roamed around the neighborhood nothing terrible has happened. Well, except that one time I got yelled at for peeing on someone's yard! Ooopsie whoopsie doopsie! I like to think I am brave enough to travel the world alone but there are moments where I feel the fear of getting snatched up. Fear tingling down my body! Dad makes sure to always remind me, ”If you ever go out by yourself without my permission(bad boy!), don’t let anyone pet you. Stranger Danger!” and “Ignore anyone trying to feed you. You don’t deserve their generosity” Jerk!

Anyway, after walking for approximately 3hrs, mostly distracted by the hundreds of smells, I arrived at my destination. Normally it only takes 15min to get here but I didn't have much to do at home so time was not a concern for me. Lots of my friends had told me about all the food, toys and entertainment gadgets for puppies they carried so I was so ecstatic to go inside. I was able to find the store but to my surprise, I couldn’t see any of my pet friends. A little alarming I thought. After walking in, I approached an employee to ask if this was the puppy store where they sell snacks and toys. She kept staring at me and with a semi-quietly enthusiastic manner, she yelled “Look gals! A lost puppy!”. I wasn’t lost! Maybe she was lost! I knew exactly where I was! (I thought about what my dad had said, stranger danger, but she was just so adorable I held back from barking). 

However, after I started to really analyze the store I had come down to the conclusion that I was lost. Unfortunately for me, I ended up in Michaels.  

After about 1hr of roaming around, sniffing and chewing things, I had found what I came for! Sort of. A little puny miniature Prince Linus that looked Identical to me! I bought the item and rushed home excited to show dad what I had found. 


3hrs later, I was back home. On my way home, I bumped into Sour Sally and Angry Al asking for more information if they knew any puppy stores around the area. I was still confused how I ended up in Michaels. According to them, there was a PetSmart a few stores next to it. Totally missed it! Perhaps Directionless Dan must have given me the wrong store name when I saw him last weekend. He probably had a few too much to drink too. On that note, I can't believe I wasn't able to sniff out the snacks from PetSmart being that they were so close! I'll definitely need to practice my sniffing exercise more often I guess!


My dad often repeats to me how music is so powerful to the mind and how he wants to get back into it. Listening to new bands, discovering different instruments and playing new music are part of our goals this year. So we wanted to pick up an instrument to begin practicing. It came down to choosing which instrument we pick up first. 

  1. The Piano - Too big to fit inside our space.
  2. The Trumpet - Where to practice? It can get really loud and the cats next door will complain every day!
  3. The Violin - We don't have one :(

After deductive reasoning, we chose the guitar that he bought in high school. We have about 5 of them so no excuse why we can't pick 1 up. I was excited to visit my old hang out spot, Guitar Center, and purchase our new strings. We installed them, tuned the guitar and started practicing.


Although our preference is classical pieces, we both agree that some guitar licks from Metallica are a pleasure to the ear. A local Bay Area band too!


This being said, my dad wants to join a band sometime a year or two from now. Do I think it's a good idea? Yes. A great one? No. Not at the moment at least. You should see his to-do list. That dude needs to set his priorities straight!  After listening 1hr to him explaining why it's a great idea, I told him it would be nice but maybe he should start practicing with the triangle. After he masters that instrument, maybe move on to the tambourine. He got furious and thought I had insulted him. I told him to sit, calm and give me a chance to explain my reasoning. You should have seen him follow my orders :) After a few hours of discussion, we established I was right. Obviously.

One of the many bands we enjoy listening to.


Is it this easy to pick up a girl? My dad should learn a little from this guy! Kinda looks like the girl that works at the MLK library too! I wonder if this girl likes to read too?? Mmmm I wonder. 


"Misteriosas como el mar"

"Y me robaste el corazón
Y secuestraste la razón en ese magic music box
Y me haces rodar y rodar"


I hope everyone has a great week ahead! Take care friends!