Look-alike and Turkey Day

Hi Friends, 

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone spends time with their loved ones and eat some turkey! Gobble gobble.

And at last!

The perfect post to include my look-alikes, beginning with the one I found at Michaels. Do you all remember? 


Dad - "And check this out! Our amica from La Repubblica Italiani flew all the way here to give us a little early Christmas present. Incredible right? Get a crack at this!"


Me - "Did you sway her into buying you something again?"

Dad - "Nope. You are just jealous."

"Smooth" Joe must have clouded her good judgment with hypnotizing words. Dad may be smooth, like a nice rye whiskey, but I am sure his brain fries up in a heartbeat when it comes to a buzz session with the XX chromosome.


Dad - "I will not allow you to breakdown my spirit big guy. She gave us a nice gift and let's be thankful."

Dad- "Maybe if you go find a woman, you'll find love and friendship."

Me - "I would but you neutered me. Did you forget? As if Self-conscious Selma doesn't want any puppies!"

And great! More 70-80's videos. What is up with these videos anyway? Half of the time they don't make any sense! 


Dad - "You will never understand Linus. Some classic rock to ease the mind my friend. For simple chaps like me."


Dad - "You like beans and rice too, right? Be a good boy and I'll give you some."


Dad - "And why don't you like the eighties anyway, Linus? Easy money, loads of drugs, jobs as far as you could see. The American Dream my friend! The American Dream."


Later, our friend was eager to take a picture of herself.


Despite some of the irregularities, we do share some common things.

Same eyes, ears, nose, hair color, etc... but he has no heart.


And dad pretending like he knows how to use a camera.


We are grateful for her generosity but sad that her soccer team didn't make the Russia 2018 World Cup :( I suppose she will need to cheer for the USA now. Wait, did they make it?

And a  sneak peek at our project. It has taken a while but it's turning out like we imagined. Sort of...


Lastly, my aunt is donating a dog house to me so I can stay warm in the winter. Hopefully, we get it remodeled faster than a frog can say, Prince Linus! 

By the way, my dad recently parked his car in a NO PARKING stall and it got toad. What a funny guy.

Until next time, 

Sincerely, Linus