Me and Sugar Pop

Hi Friends, 

I struggled to get some sleep last night. It was a little cold and I was thinking of the things my friends have been telling me lately.  Many of them mentioned my posts may be a bit too long and that I should try to shorten them. I enjoy typing away but maybe they are right. Most times it is difficult to type so much because my paws begin to ache. I will try to write shorter stories and see what kind of feedback I get. 

Anyway, I visited my friend Frida. We went to pay a visit and eat some good, home-cooked meals. 

Sugar pop doesn't do much. She spends most days laying in bed or sitting on the couch watching television. 


And if you are around the area, you should definitely check this event out. My dad will be there tomorrow and possibly sometime in the weekend. If you see him, don't be shy to say hello!

BBS2017 copy.jpg

Stay tuned for future posts and I hope everyone has a good week :)

Sincerely, Linus