October Weekend

BOO! Did I scare you? I hope not because scarier things will happen during this month if you don't watch yourself!

Anyway, Hi friends!

Happy Birthday to all October peeps.

October is here and I have been thinking deeply what I want to be for Halloween, what pumpkin cake I'll eat and all the scary people I'll see. The lady in the corner for example. She always asks my dad for money when we go on walks. She looks devilish!

She tells us to shut up and not say anything because she just saw the 8 headed monster climbing up the cactus. 

Her stories change a lot but a guarantee to leave me perplexed every single time.


And then she mentions to dart carrots into her mouth because she is hungry for some vitamin K to help her eye vision. It's a bit confusing and scary at the same time! 


I asked my dad if he can take me to San Francisco to check out the scenes at night and ease the mind. I heard there are tons of events this month stored in the city.

Me - "Hey dad you want to listen to some music to put is in the mood right now as we drive to the city?"

Dad - "Sure, just don't slap on Barney songs."

Me - "What is wrong with Barney songs? He sings better than you and is a bright looking Dinasour. I kinda wish he was a stuffed animal to play with him"

Dad - "Play? Put whatever you want, it's easy to see it doesn't take much to please a cat like me"

Me - "Cat? woof woof"


As we drove on the bridge from Berkeley to the city, we could only watch the colorful lights changing in the chilly evening that the city would provide. It was a delight being in the passenger seat! I got to see some tasty views and a cool sunset.


The following day we headed to my buddy's house to say hello. My dad caught some footage of me playing around. 

WARNING - Our videos are atrocious! :( We promise no more sucky videos and full-screen videos from now on!


We then helped mow the lawn and I got another chance to play.


As always, our weekend was a blazing success!

Until next time! 

Sincerely, Linus