2018 Into a Storm

Hi friends! 

Happy Mother Woofing 2018! And Happy Birthday to the January folks.

2 weeks in the game and dad is already lagging! Smooth, smooth.

Did everyone get what they wanted for Christmas? I hope so! I got more than I expected!


Me - "Wow! Nice sound to your video!"

Dad - "I need a new phone. Will you buy me one?"

Me - "Will you be a good boy this year?" 

Dad - "Meow... jk I'll try."

Will history repeat itself in the ever-changing phone industry? 


I can think a number of ways that it sure does.


Anyway, I got a polar bear to tear up it's guts! Approximate time to destroy? Give or take 30min. 


I also got this "tough" plushy toy for rough doggies like me. They claim it's almost impossible to tear it apart, but with my sharp canine teeth, I highly doubt it.

A nice plaid shirt that unfortunately ran a little small for my muscular body(I've been hitting the gymbo lately).

I still don't get why some humans mistake me for a puppy.

Dad - "Linus, I still think and see you as a puppy too."

Me - "Well you need glasses because you are blind as a bat"

Dad - "Feisty! Someone needs some action."

Me - "You should pray I don't take action and bite you on the foot you pretend makes you a "good" soccer player."

Dad - "Oh watch out! I'm trembling with fear. Bite me!"


I appreciate the thought of getting me a shirt Nearsightedness Noemi, but I am a big boy now. 

But it fit Dougie Douchebag like a glove! Success!


Dad - "Be nice to Dougie D. Fresh. He is your brother from another mother."

Linus - "He doesn't even bark!!!"

Dad - "Not every dog barks and is annoying as you, Linus."

I adored the butter shortbread cookies that were gifted to me.


As always, I craved the human snacks but was not allowed to eat them. I could only salivate and imagine how good they must have tasted with my face on it.   


Especially for these guys!


Dad also got some cool gifts. Exciting that he got a "nice" "new" "used" mountain bike. He lightly mentioned about stomping the local trails and supposedly he will take a lot pictures to share with us.

Dad - "I want to establish a deep connection with nature, Linus".

Me - "Why don't you connect me with some food and water 1st! And are you any good at biking? Or will you just go waste your time and listen to the birdies chirp?"

Dad - "I'll have to show you someday what kind of stuff I am able to do".

Me - "Sure, sure. Maybe someday you can get a real bike like mine".



He also got parts for his motorcycle including a helmet and some barkbusters handguards. Woof Woof!!


Lastly, we have something new we are working on that I am very excited to share with you all. My partially dream home that will someday become a reality. Just Lovely!


The beginning stages of my luxurious home.

Dad - "But will it look luxurious?"

Me - "Who knows! Who cares!"

And we haven't forgotten about our original project. It's sooooooo time-consuming but it's coming along nicely. A real treat for both of us. I hope we can enjoy meteoric success. Paws crossed.


Any idea what it might be? Guess correctly and when it's all done, I'll send you a free one! 

Lastly, check out the Google doodle for today. Katy Jurado on the cover.


Got 2 hours to waste from your "busy" life? Check one of her dinosaur era 50's classic, "Bullfighter and the Lady". Not your greatest graphics but maybe a few out-of-this-world advanced scenes for those times???

It comes with an itty bitty amount of giggles too.


Enjoy and till next time!

Sincerely, Linus