Scoping San Diego

Hi friends, 

Holy cow!


Moo would have thought!

Now that I dared my dad moving to San Diego, he's been avidly hunting the job markets to set up his next big move. He flew down there a week ago specifically to uncover the cities hidden treasures and test the waters to see if they were nice and hot for his cold little heart. He returned excited, raving about the warm beaches and good food the city provides to new transplants. But before we fancy the idea of relocating, we need to complete all of our projects!

I need to be more careful next time I dart a dare at him. With this pace, he may end up visiting one city in every state! Woofington, Bark City, Chewyville, Los Perritos, San Cachorro, Puppytown USA. You name it!

Scrooge McDuck blasted my ear off with details in how much he enjoyed his time there and how he met some interesting folks along the way. Primarily tourist staying in hostels, eager to get wasted and have a good time on a Saturday night.


It turns out he may have found a partner for me during his outing with the locals. It certainly wasn't a time to get excited over some piddly news though. I had no wishes in meeting anyone nor was I planning anytime soon. It was a coincidence that I had just received a text from Mcgriddles, a cutie patootie Maltepoo that lives about 4 blocks from here, asking for a date to Mcdonalds that night. Turns out mommy named her after her favorite breakfast sandwich. Mcdees isn't my go-to spot in search of unhealthy late night munchies,  especially when I am trying to rebuild my body. But I'll admit that their fries, made with real potatoes(they claim), settle well in my tummy.

Speaking of, dad took a small hike up Potato Chip Rock near San Diego. Have you ever been? It looks pretty cool from some pictures he showed me BUT get this! He took Dougie D. Mcgee instead of me! :(

Dad - "Linus, sometimes you are a very expensive companion. Dougie is calmer on airplane rides too."

Me - "Ok dad, I forgive you. I guess you could just pack Dougie inside a backpack and no one will notice. It makes complete sense."

More pics here

Me - "But dad, seriously!!?? Couldn't you capture a better photo or at least a close-up? You might as well have taken a picture from way up in the sky next to the stars." 


Dad - "I know the pictures aren't great, but you know what? You should have seen the way he held the camera, he was so still! I couldn't see him moving at all and nothing affected his photo shooting skills. It was impressive"

Me - "Are you serious!!! Maybe cause he isn't real?"

Ay ay ay, what am I going to do with this guy!

Anyway, I'm a little sad that dad won't have 1 extra hour to play with me anymore. He joined the reading and writing volunteer program at MLK Library which help adults learn the English language. I think it's neat because it gives learners the opportunity to fluently read/write/speak a new language to improve their life.  

Dad - "LInus, you are correct. We are here to help adults read and write English. Most are ready to become citizens and many others are looking to achieve an education to reach better employment and provide adequate financial stability for their families. These adults share many stories I can perfectly relate to. I am overly excited about this volunteer program!"

Me - "Wow! That is so awesome! Shouldn't you be a learner instead of a tutor though? Just kidding! You may not hear this a lot dad, but you are awesome! I commend you for your selfless actions. Even though I would prefer to be by your side, I am sure you will make a difference in their life."

Interested in volunteering? Click on the link to learn more!

Dad - "Yes LInus, and since I will be helping many learn new things to improve their lives and families welfare, I was thinking of tackling a long-lasting challenge myself to change our path in life too. My journey to pre-med hopefully begins sooner than later. Then, I can help people in many ways and afford better toys for you buddy(I hope). You think I can do it? Can I depend on you being there for me and helping me learn?"

Linus - "Dad, the sky's the limit, kinda like your pictures. And yes, I will help you study early mornings, weary afternoons and stay late at night with you until both our brains can't absorb any more information! Together, with our combined knowledge and 23 hours, 56 minutes, 4 seconds we have in a day, we will accomplish our goal. I have faith in you and it will be an easy task like you scoring goals on a Sunday morning soccer match."


Me - "Dad, time is the enemy so let us start as soon as possible!"


Dad - "Those are some very kind words you have said to me, my kemosabe :)"

We will return Feb. 14th. We are taking a mini break to recharge our body, mind, and spirit.

Question - Will dad have a valentine by then Or will his wishes be set on fire and turned into ash? Poof! 

Our product needs a little bit more work! Just a bit more.


Me - "Dad! Didn't you say your back was hurting? You should tell that girl that always invites you to eat curry and naan to come over and give you a massage. Have fun and good luck!


Until next time!

Sincerely,  Linus