The Man Of Contradiction


Dad reveals his location!



Dad - “That’s correct Linus. I went to Vietnam.”

Me - “Dad! That’s amazing! You went alone? How was it? Share with us a little about your trip!”

Dad - “Just a little OK?”

Me - “Woof Woof! Ok”

I was looking forward to his stories. Really, I was. I alway try to show enthusiasm to make him feel good because I actually feel kind of bad he only has me, a doggie, to listen to all his adventures.

Dad - “Big guy, this trip was something I yearned for a long time. In fact, it was in Las Vegas where I had decided I wanted to go on a trip, especially with her. Usually, I never make plans in Vegas because they always turn out to be bad choices, but I could feel this would be a different experience for me. The moment I saw her in San Francisco, I knew I wanted to spend 1 month of my life with her no matter how it ended, and no matter how it started.”


To me, I think it was great that dad was living in the best moment of his life. The present of course, and not the past nor the future. Meeting new people, seeing new places, and enjoying his time around those he built a connection with, was something I was excited for. But who was she?

Dad - “I was sitting on the couch staring at her, and I knew I had to make a decision. A decision of now or never of course. It was due or die, and if I blinked for 1 second, I would lose my chance. I hopped on the web and I bought 2 one-way tickets to Vietnam, leaving the following morning. Unsure of what these next weeks were in store for me, I purchased some life insurance for my own sake. I heard Vietnam was an organized chaos and I wanted to be all over it.”


Dad - “The next thing I knew, the big day was here. We caught the train and headed towards the airport, excited for our expedition. At the Airport, I was next to her, nervous of making the wrong move, waiting for our boarding time to depart. I knew once we departed, there was no turning back. I couldn’t afford to make any mistakes since we would be together for about 3 weeks. In reality, I couldn’t afford anything really. I was lucky enough that Vietnam made me a millionaire with just about 100 US dollars, or so. A get-rich-quick scheme I thought. I could give everything for her.”


Dad - “Fast forward to our destination, and most of our time was incredible. We shared wonderful experiences at the beach, created memorable moments in Hoi An, and took care of each other when we both needed it the most. We were having the greatest time of our life. During the midst of our trip, things got a little shaky. You see, I had failed to realize all the mistakes I had done these past 30 some years of my life. I had lost contact with my close friends, my family and worst yet, myself. A disconnection from the world was at the tip of my heart, and a feeling I didn't wish upon my worst enemy. I had been peering my eyes through the wrong hole, but luckily for me, everything changed so fast,”


Wow, sometimes I don’t understand what my dad talks about, but let’s see what else he has to say.

Dad - “Trang An, Linus. Trang An was almost a miracle for me. A light was shun upon me to live in the moment and not give a sh!!t, something my pants didn’t do on my way to Da Lat. For no good reason, I built the purest form of hate for myself all this time, but it wasn’t anyones fault, not even hers or her amazing smile. I would stare absently at her smile many times looking for a reason, when it occurred to me. Do I hate that smile? Not really. It was just an ordinary smile to me. Maybe the fact she flaunted it to everyone? Not really either. Then, what did I hate?”

What is dad talking about!?


Dad - “The road to Damascus was on sight. Linus, I remember going on the boat ride and thinking, ‘This is going to be sooo romantic. I can’t wait!’ Of course, I realized later that I saw something different than she did. We were on different boats on a different ride, if you will. I had to think deeply what I was doing wrong. Then, like a colorful unicorn showing up in your dreams, those dreams you tell me about, something surreal and unexpected showed up in front of me. It slapped me across the face, put me in my place and finally talked some sense into me. Thank God.”

Me - “That sounds romantic dad. And when do I dream about unicorns!?

Dad - “It was obvious I had developed strong feelings towards my traveling companion. Something I never imagined in a million years. Not everyone takes a trip for 3 weeks with someone we barely know, do we? So because no one really cared as much as I did, or even about the same things as I did, I decided to stop caring so much about it once and for all. Interestingly enough, there is an old saying in Poland, if you ask for too much, you don’t get it. Turns out, you just have to ignore it completely to attain it. So I decided I would stop caring about everything. It seemed like it worked. But for how long? Not for long after Pancho, my friend, came into play. That was clearly not enough for her.”

Me - “Dad, I’m a little confused. So what’s the verdict of the story? And Pancho?”

Dad - “I suppose I got lost in my own words again. Tell you what, I’ll continue next week when my friend, Pancho, enters this story. But one thing is for sure, that day I learned so many things about myself and people that pretend to like me.”


I hope my dad clears up his conclusion because I don’t know where he is going with this story.

We will have to wait until next time!

But I hope everyone has a good week!

Sincerely, Linus.

Hello Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

I’m still wondering, where in the world can dad be?

It feels like I’m looking for Waldo, except a nightmare edition! More like hunting for the demon.


I had spent countless hours thinking and wondering where in the world he could be. I could only imagine he was safe because that’s the story my wittle mind made up. My nerves were killing me outside so I decided to call him to see where he was, and this is what he had to say….

Me - “Where are you dad? I haven’t seen you in months and you haven’t called me.”

Dad - “Yo Linus, it’s a Saigon here!”

That’s it?

Dad didn’t have much else to say and no effort from him to explain where he was. He did reply with this picture. He mentioned he will write to me this week to update the post.

Where could he be? We shall find out by next week I hope!


Sincerely, Linus