Pepe's Pancho

Hello Friends,

Wow! Christmas, my favorite holiday, is almost here! Followed by New Year!

Let’s recap what happened last week with the story.

1 - My dad decides in Vegas to go visit the Nam with someone special.


2 - He is confused in life? Typical dad.


3 - His friend Pancho also comes along for the ride? Confusing.


Let’s see what the finale of this story has in store for us.

Dad - “Linus, like I mentioned last week, Vietnam was truly a once in a lifetime, incredible experience. Even after our shaky moments, we managed to let those bad feelings go away and began to gain some positive traction. It seemed we were becoming more friendly towards each other as time progressed, and it began to feel like we knew each other for a long time. I was excited for us, and she was melting my heart the way she expressed herself to me.”


Me - “That’s great to hear dad. Am I finally going to have a mom?…So what happened?”

Dad - “Well, during our trip, she had the chance to meet my friend Pancho. You see, Pancho was, is, one of my best friends. We have known each other since we were kids and I would be heavily upset if anyone spoke bad about him. Personally, he felt like a part of me and we shared a unique relationship with one another. Pancho was a charmer too. He found ways to get inside peoples brain and get them all happy and excited. He knew exactly what places to touch in a conversation that got everyone wanting more.”

Me - “Wow! He sounds like a cool lad and a good friend to have! He must have been quick with a quip to be liked by so many.”

Dad - “Yes he was. His winning personality also made him irresistible in the most modest way. The problem was that whenever someone met Pancho, it instantly became harder to break into deeper more meaningful relationships without extreme effort. ”

Me - “So she didn’t like Pancho? Or what was the problem?”

Dad - “Linus, it was at the airport where she confessed Pancho was not a friend she wanted in her life. It wasn’t someone that could satisfy her needs in life, concrete evidence Pancho was no longer useful for her. She admitted he wasn’t tall enough or strong enough the way she likes her friends to be. She was looking for someone with a larger heart, bigger charm and possibly a darker side to them. That was her dream, so she said. I should have caught this since the beginning since her jokes and comments were very transparent in conveying this message. So blind of me not to see it. Now, it may have not been 100% true, but like they say, there's always a nugget of truth behind any good joke. I can only imagine he couldn’t penetrate enough into her thoughts to convince her otherwise. Maybe if my friend was Jorge, it could have been a different story. Who knows. Linus, she simply got bored with him. Bored with us.”


Me - “Wow. So dad, what happened to Pancho? Did you also abandon him?”

Dad - “Linus, no way I would ever leave my friend Pancho behind.”

Me - “Nice! Good for you dad! Way to hold your ground. I am sure you will find someone that will accept you and Pancho for what you 2 are. And it’s ok. Remember, you come first because you are all that's left when all the other people call it quits.”


Dad - “I just couldn’t believe how important those things matter to her. I guess we all have different priorities and needs. My opinion of her had changed dramatically after all her comments, but I am over it now. I have forgiven her for any hurt she caused us. We moved forward and we both still miss her soft, and gentle ways. Pancho and I are actually meeting up this weekend to kick some soccer balls around and play with each other. I am excited.”

Me - “But dad, you always told me that someones opinion of you doesn’t have to become your reality.”

Dad - “I often said that, and it is true. I realized one night in Vietnam that the purpose of my life was to place everyone ahead of me no matter what opinion I had of them. I can tell you by experience that the effect you have on others, is the most valuable currency there is.”

Me - “Dad, be happy you spent those beautiful moments with her. She sounds like an amazing person and you can’t trade that time for nothing.”

Dad - “Of course. Like I say, happiness is a way of life, not a destination. It’s like when I see you, and it makes me smile ear to ear.”

Me - “Dad! You always find something nice to say to me. Just because you are nice to me, I won’t bite you as hard next time we play together, ok? I wish she comes to visit you one day so I can meet her too. She sounds incredible.”

Dad - “She is incredible. And I hope so too. Dreams.”


Me - “One last thing, can I get a little puppy sister? I feel lonely sometimes and I’ve always wanted to have a little sister to protect her from bad doggies and bad people. Please! And you can giver her a name too.”

Dad - “I’ll think about it. If we do, her name will be Danusha… And she is going to be your little angel.”

There we have it folks. Another story of my dad losing in life. Classic.


December is tomorrow and I am so excited!

Happy Friday!

Sincerely, Linus