Cinnamon Punch

Hello Friends,

I was chatting with dad about our plans for next week, and he mentioned he wants to take me to the park. I got so excited I almost chewed his face off.


Me - “Hey dad, I was wondering something. You have been going to all these places since July, and now you are here with me which I am really happy for, but are you going to sit down all day and do nothing? Or do you plan to work?”

Dad - “Go multiply yourself Linus.”

Me - “I would, but you sent me out of commission the moment you ordered my treasures taken off.”

Dad - “Hey Linus, I heard your Ipaw is falling apart, is that true? What are you going to do about it?”

Me - “Yes it is, but I think it will last 1 or 2 more years. I hope, that way you don’t spend your money on another phone and you can save for your next big project.“

Dad - “I hope so too. Phones are expensive. Geez, you are expensive!”

Me - “I’ll try not to pee and poop as much anymore so you can save on trash baggies ok? Would that help? Anything you want dad, you got it. So what’s been on your little mind?”


Dad - “I asked myself the other day, “Where do you go after this?”


Me - “After what? What are you talking about?”

Dad - “What do you think? Fried chicken? I take a trip to a city I’ve never been before to see if I find something that sparks my fancy. Where did I want to go? No idea. Anywhere I thought. Anywhere to keep me distracted from the ignorant stories my mind made up. I go on a short walk to ease my mind with the hopes of creating some inspiration in my ideas to change the world. Rain was heavy, it was cold and it was dark. It’s not my favorite time of the year as I prefer the warmer weather, but we sometimes never see rain around here so it’s good to get it once in a while. Plus, the smell of wet dirt is so relaxing to me in the most strangest way possible. I wanted to find a place along the street to sit with someone and eat corn. That’s what I was looking for.”


Weird, I thought. But let’s hear the rest of what dad has to say.

Dad - “I walk slowly to make up my mind as fast as possible in what course of action I want to take in the city. Should I go for coffee? Ice Cream? Mangos? Watermelon? Immediately, I sense no urgency in returning where I live, so technically, I had all night to figure it out. But where do I live? I don’t even have a home anymore. I’m quasi-homeless. As I slowed my pace even more, my eyes widened when I spot this cool cat approaching me with his cool denim jacket, something I’ve wanted for a while. Amused by my presence, especially because I don’t look like a local, he smiles, and asks me, “Whats up brother?” I reply “Whats up sister?”. I sense he wasn’t too happy after what I had called him. ‘I’m not your little sister!’ he replied with anger in his voice. ‘Nor am I your brother’ I replied with some humor inside. He stares at me for about 10 seconds and walks away.”

Dad - “I continue to walk about a quarter of a mile when I begin to think that I am the only person in existence here in the city. Semi urgently, I’m surveying the area in hopes of finding a place I can sit, have a drink, and not think of anything anymore. My feet are tired and I am getting soaked. 1hr later, and I’m still struggling to find a place to sit, decompress and chill. I check my maps on my phone and realize I’m pretty far from where I parked my car. Battery low, but I wasn’t worried. ‘I’ll ask people for directions’ I thought. To think of it, I almost wished my phone turned off.”

Me - “Soooo?? I don’t get it. Is there a conclusion to this story?”

Dad - “After walking for another hour, a total of 3hrs , I begin to wonder if Im heading in the right direction. Then it hits me, ‘which way is the right direction? Do I know? Does anyone know?’ Immediately I take my notepad out of my 5th pocket and write, “Flamingo Fun”. I think I have a great idea Linus.”

Me - “Ok, you’ll need to tell me in details someday because you really threw me off this time, dad.”

Dad - “I’ll show you one day. One day.”

A touch of confusion is how I felt after dad shared his story. I find it amusing how he managed to find his way back to me with all the confusion running, or should I say, walking, through his mind.

Nevertheless, I reflect during the times my dad was away, and it’s eye opening how lucky I am to be with him. I almost forgot the feeling of how much he appreciates me for all the moments that I make him laugh. Of course, he also makes me laugh and gives me a reason to live another day. If not, I would probably run away. Ok, probably not but I’m sure it would cross my mind…..multiple times.

Me - “Hey dad, come here and give me a hug.”


Dad - “By the way, the girl 2 houses down from us is always asking for you. What should I tell her?

Me - “Show her this video. She’ll understand.”

Dad - “Big guy! Ok ok”


Until next time,