Molly Montana - Canada

Hi Friends,

Let's recap on the latest progress with the van.

When we first got the van, Molly, I was very skeptical of how useful it would be to us. We didn't need another vehicle and I couldn't imagine anything working properly because of its past life as a beater van and its old age. It would probably cost a fortune to get her running again and take a lot of time to do so too. What a wreck I thought.


But as precious time has passed and we've been cleaning it, I am beginning to see some potential in her. Her seats are actually very comfortable, the engine is strong and the body is pretty straight. Surprising, considering it's a 97 Dodge. 

Dad - "Linus, time can change your perspective on so many things. Things we see ugly and distasteful now, can turn beautiful and actually be worth something as time goes by. It's all in your little brain boo boo magoboo. I am glad you have a different view on this now."

Me - "Why are we making an attempt to fix this old van anyway?"

Dad - "Well, if everything turns out the way I expect, I will be traveling this summer and visit some National Parks. My itinerary isn't set in stone but it will be an amazing trip regardless, with Canada and Montana as my main attractions. An exciting road trip nonetheless."


MMmmm so now dad the cowboy wants to go to Montana. Interesting...

And Canada? Reminding me of grade school and Gary Paulsen, I stared long at my dad's tired eyes wondering if he had any idea what he was getting himself into. The beautiful dangers Canada could bring him were frightening me. Should I buy him a hatchet in case Molly decides to turn her back on him in the middle of a cold, lonely desolate road? Will he know how to use one? Does he even know what it is? I asked him if he knew how to chop wood in case he needed to build a fire to keep warm if things went south. He looked at me confused and kept nodding his head as if he was doing some weird neck exercises. I took his sign as a clear no. It was evident that both Molly and dad needed some work to get them going on the right path.

Dad - "Linus, ever since a kid I have always wanted to go to Montana. To be sincere, I had no idea why. It must have been an old picture my dad showed me when he worked in the potato fields in Idaho. There he was standing alongside his friend, Tony Starch, wearing his brown boots, blue jeans, a plaid shirt and a cowboy hat. Irrelevant and strange, but who cares! You should come along!"

Me - "Dad, I hope I have time for you and join you on your amazing trip. We will see, but I am sure you will have a great time whether I go or not!"

Nice! So summer looks promising for dad IF everything goes as planned.

Luckily for him, Molly has no trouble starting up and she can get going pretty quickly thanks to her strong heart. She needed some new rubber to get her back on the right track though. After she got some tires, we took her for a spin right after and she ran great! I then realized that taking her in and making her part of the family could be a bold first step to uncover wild things in life IF we get her adequately prepped. Molly, I'm sorry I didn't see more in you. I was so shallow to think the outside of you was more important. But you have taught me an important lesson to look deeper inside, inside where the heart is the ruler of all, where it counts the most.


I love taking shot gun! The greatest views!


Everything looks OK with the exception that she isn't cooperating with the law and doesn't want to pass smog. What a hooligan!

IMG_20180306_110343788_HDR (1).jpg

I see you bad girl! Keep it up and you'll end up behind bars(the junkyard in the car world).


We have a lot of work to do and only a few months left to get Molly prepared for dads trip. Updates on Molly will be posted so keep an eye out!

And our product is almost finished. Stay tuned for its announcement right before the month is over!


Catch you all later!

Sincerely, Linus.