1958 Buick Special

Hi Friends!

Our trip to grandmas last week was a success!

It took us a while getting to her house because we had a small detour along the way. Firstly, dad couldn't hold his bitty bladder and I didn't want any strange smells inside the car during our trip, so I convinced him to pull over and take care of business. Secondly, we paid a small visit to our friend AND our favorite beach. As usual, I enjoyed the car ride.


After all the commotion, we had made it home safe. I waved hello to Frida and I stretched my muscles to begin playing. 

Hours of chasing the ball by myself like a wired cuckoo head, I spotted a car covered with old raggedy tarps full of dust, dead insects, and cat poop(woof woof!). I was curious to see what I would find under the clutter. With savage fervor and no time to waste, I grabbed hold of one corner with my paw and the other corner with my sharp canine teeth. Before I had the chance to pull and tear the cover apart, I saw my dad spot me from afar and yelled at me,


Dad - "Phew! Easy there Sharp Shooter. Anxious to see what it is or what?"

Me - "Mmm yea! What is it?"

After 10 minutes of dad explaining to me how important it is to be patient and not rush into things, he raised the tarp slowly revealing the true identity of this vehicle. Wow! A stunning panty dropper, one-in-a-million 1958 Buick Special. What a gem, I thought. I took a minute to really absorb its beauty.

But the condition of the car wouldn't be dropping anything from anybody anytime soon. In actuality, examining the shape of the car would only make you drop vomit on pretty grass. Surface rust plagued most of the front end and the paint job was slowly fading away from the outside chemicals clearing away its original white color. My uncle had bought this car in 1994 when he was a Junior in High school! It was a shame the car was deteriorating the way it was.


You see, the vehicles made in the 1950's were very different. These cars were wrapped in large amount of chrome that molded well with the geometry of the tail fins and dual headlights that were really something special to look at in person. In addition, the size of the steering wheel was a real treat to get your hands on. This boat sized device could steer you and your lovely date to any Drive-In movie. 


The 58 Buick grill had the up-most respect from American automotive manufacturers. With 160 beveled chrome-plated squares handsomely organized to form a beautiful rectangular one piece grill, it could easily put a Cadillac to shame. They called it the "Fashion-Aire Dynastar Grille." Cleaning them is a chore and you can lose patience easily. I know because my uncle put me to wipe off the extra dirt left behind. I had to imagine I was licking 160 wheat thins in order to finish this challenging task. My tongue was already sore the next hour. 


The major problem my dad and uncle would face was finding a way to crank up the engine. Because it hadn't been started for over 20yrs, they knew it would nearly take a miracle from the mechanic-gods to get this car going.

But could these 2 home "mechanics" get this beast to rumble?

If so, would the tricks and skills they claim to have prove to be enough to start the car, make necessary adjustments to make it purr like a kitten, and most importantly, unleash the beast's roar when given throttle? Or will their magic wane as critical minutes go by?


After hours of head scratching and looking at my dad struggle to tweak the unstable, selfish and kooky carburetor, a spot-on description of the girls I once liked, they finally got it going! Over 20yrs of sitting still and the engine actually turned over! It was a gorgeous scene, like an Emerald diamond necklace hanging just right above her collar, on the prettiest girl you ever saw.


Dad - "Oh Linus. Wait till I tell you about our other 58 Oldsmobile Super 88 we are working on. Just wait and see :)"


I love bananas!


Lastly, I got a nice warm shower from grandma. So fresh and so clean, clean. She takes care of me and I love her so much. I love Frida a lot too.


Until next month! 

Sincerely, Linus