July So Soon

Hello Friends!

Dad - "Holy Macarooskies! July already!? 

Me - "Wowzers Dad! Where in the world were you? I haven't seen you in over 4 months since we first launched our product! I missed you so much!"


Dad had been missing in action for the past few months, and I was worried I'd never see him again. Initially, I wanted to pick up my Ipaw and dial 911 when he didn't come back to sleep on that cold and windy night. It was a long holiday weekend and gunshots were being blasted outside the house, a sure way that escalated my fear of losing him. I decided to hold back filing a missing persons police report because I'd figure this could be a great time for him to reflect in life wherever he was or whatever he was doing, assuming he hadn't disappeared from the face of the earth. But I yearned his hugs, his smile, and his playful attitude. Something I couldn't find anywhere else or in anyone else.

Luckily for me, I had my pal Moises to hang out with. 


A few months later and dad finally showed up to the house. He looked pretty beat up with a distinctive smell and in a confused state of mind. He didn't want to share where he was but I can tell in his eyes he wanted to forget those memories very quickly. I only hoped he didn't do anything strange or ate funny things. He did mention eating a gummy, whatever that meant.

Dad - "Linus, I don't know where I was, to be honest. Possibly trapped inside a lie somewhere? Some wild beast overtaking my identity? Hypnotized by a natural high? The last thing I remember was going to a forest with my Moises's mom and now look at me, I've returned a different man. Coming back home to you is a great feeling and that's all that matters right now. What have I missed?"

I was happy to see him back. Ironically, I was back too from my own lost imagination.

Time sure flies!


Over 4 months have gone by since our product launch and things have been going great! We haven't turned in the final proposal to Kaleid because we are still working on tiny modifications and new designs. We hope to get it done by the end of Summer after my dad's road trip.

Speaking of, Molly, on the other hand, shows no sign of stopping. We took a small drive to Big Sur to see what improvements she needs but it was smooth sailing for the most part. I was a bit afraid people would think bad things about us, however. As you know by now, the exterior doesn't seem inviting. People might think it was some kind of ex-prisoner transport van.

Certainly, as we zoomed pasts all the slow drivers, I could see their evil eyes gawking at us. I poked my head out the window to get some fresh air from the smelly interior the van came with but all the people staring at me made me very uncomfortable real quick.


She finally decided to abide by the law and passed smog with flying colors. A lot of mechanical work is needed for her to be reliable for the trip. I was afraid of any 15yr old part deciding to become new during the trip. It was something that ran through my dad's tiny brain constantly and it would be a bummer for Molly to break down without any notice. We have been working hard to get her on the road ASAP.  

IMG_20180518_153951939 (1).jpg

After the mechanical issues get fixed, we will focus on the interior. 

Dad also needs Video 101  classes evidently.


At first, we wanted the interior to look "nice", but we'll leave it simple to keep cost down and have more money for dad to spend on the actual adventure. Some casharoo for rock climbing, snowboarding, kayaking, hot springs, and the usual tourist activities. More work to be done. 


Lastly, noticed improvements in the quality of the pictures/videos?  Dad finally got his new phone. Although we wanted the Iphone X, we both agreed that it was too much on our wallet so we ended up switching to an android instead. Plus, we couldn't afford any more drama in our life, and with the batterygate scandal that happened recently, the Iphone was out of the picture.

Anyway, I hope to see you all next week!

Sincerely, Linus.