Gift for Dad

Hi Friends, 

Happy Birthday to all the lovely March peeps. I hope you spend your special day the best way possible.

Birthdays are the best. It's one of my favorite days of the year!

Anyway, my dad has really been struggling with the limited storage space on his motorcycle. Since his yearly camping trip to Big Sur with Flakey Frank is coming up, he is trying to prepare as much as possible fitting all the camping gear. I could definitely see the battle he is having against the lack of storage. So I went on my way to buy him a top case for his helmet. I think he really liked it. Hopefully, he puts it to good use. 


Not the appropriate use for it but I had a great view of my wild neighbors and the squirrels. I want to attack them soooo bad but my dad always tells me to be nice no matter what.


I may have to consider buying him a tent and a sleeping bag too so he doesn't freeze his niblets at night.

And our friend stopped by to say hello before heading to the Bahamas! Lucky! I was so happy to see her because she always brings a smile with her no matter what. She must have a pocket full of them! I wonder if her little cheeks hurt? We took the opportunity of the beautiful day we had in front of us to invite her for a hike. We enjoyed the tranquil time with her and nature.


I want to share a few videos of me playing with the ball! I really love playing with anything that moves actually, with the exception of this huge lemon from our tree in the backyard.


I was so exhausted after a long day of playing that I was ready to go to sleep!


And here is our patent for our product. Stay tuned for some updates this month. Dad is finally getting the ball rollin!


And Happy National Cereal Day! For those needing all the luck in the world because nothing ever goes your way, try some Lucky Charms! Do you randomly have obsessions of owning roosters to watch them do nothing all day? Pop some Corn Flakes in your mouth. Need help learning the alphabet because you flunked kindergarten? Alpha-bits it is! They say an apple a day keeps the Dr. away? Munch on some Apple Jacks. Don't give a jackrabbits rear end about the Flinstones? You should, or Wilma will make Dino bite you in the buttocks! Do yourself a favor and eat some Fruity Pebbles. 

Until next time!

Sincerely, Linus