Hello friends! 

Part 1 - Molly is ready for the trip! 

All the details have been finalized and we feel confident she will do great! Like I had mentioned before, we didn't put much effort in the interior because we wanted to focus more on not breaking down rather than sleeping on over-priced designer sheets. 

My dad took his last test run trip to Arnold with his baby goat to camp out at her cabin. Arnold was another great test for Molly as it provided scorching temperatures of over 90 degrees. Could this trip bring out a hotty attitude out of her? Well, the good news is she didn't complain one bit about the heat and took it like a champ. 


He took his kayak to Lake Alpine and both goats had a blast! Now dad can paddle around like a little duck in ponds and lakes, or wherever he goes. 


And our friend, Angry Ale, came over to help expedite the process of installing the floor. She did a great job! Thank you so much! I hope she doesn't get mad we posted this picture! Don't think too much buddy!


Final steps before departure!

received_10155705702032759_2 (1).jpeg

Part 2 - Molly sets way to Canada. Dad left me on his trip and I miss him already. In fact, the moment he cranked open old, rusty Molly,  I was in tears.  I don't know how long he will be gone for but I'll surely miss my pal. Nothing else matters in my life but him. 


The good thing is that he will text me about his adventure and I promised him I would be updating you guys with some of his experiences. His trip started slowly through tortoise county, but I'm sure it will gain speed quickly. 

Dad - "Linus, I didn't drive even 2 miles and Molly already needs gas!"

Note this - We spent almost $200 in less than 1hr! Incredible. Molly is expensive!! 


You see, when dad took hands of old rusty Molly he didn't realize that most of his trip would be spending time at gas stations pumping fuel on the 35-gallon beast. At 13mpg, it was obvious most of his trip will be visiting national state gas stations rather than National State Parks. 

Me - "Dad it's ok. At least you can use the potty many times during your stops." 

Dad - "I guess. There is a silver lining to everything."

Dad drove through the Pacific Coast Highway capturing the beauty of all the sights. Great views to see as you drive through small towns and the beautiful nature. Most of the freeway is 55mph so Molly is expected to perform at her best. We wouldn't want her getting cranky! 


He currently is living in his van in Seattle but soon to cross the border. Halfway there!

Interestingly enough, he mentioned another adventure he may be taking in December. Get this! His friend is going on a road trip to Argentina. Exciting! 


Until next time! 

Sincerely, Linus