Purple Palm Skies

Hi Friends,

Happy February!

Time is going by so fast, isn’t? It feels like it was just the New Year 13 days ago. As I was driving back to grandmas, I was wondering how dad’s trip to The Berk turned out. Let’s see.

Me - “Yo, dad! How was your outing at Berkeley?

Dad - “It was nice taking a little spin out there. I embarked on my journey with ambition and great hopes to see something spectacular I had never seen. I felt accomplished at the end of my mini-trip."

Me - “Nice! Want to elaborate?”

Dad - “Sure. It started when I received a letter through mail from a friend of mine I met in grade school. Apparently, he had lost his cell phone, and the only way to reach me was through snail mail. I figured I’d send him a letter too, because I hadn’t sent a letter since, oh god, 2nd grade? And yes, that was the letter to Santa Clause, and I have yet to receive one back. Damn you Santaa! BUT, this could be exhilarating, I thought. It took about 2 wks for us to come to an agreement where we would meet, and the time of pick up. All the back and forth communication through letters was interesting, enormously annoying, but most certainly fun. He needed a ride to Oakland. It was a favor I thought would get me in trouble as it involved a trip to the East Bay, but trouble is, or at least was, my middle name. Normally, the East Bay is not my preferred place to be as I’ve had too many horrible learning experiences, but of course, only the good memories were able to push confidence in me to pull this favor through.”

Wow! Ok, go on.

thumbnail (2).jpeg

Dad - “That evening, we met at the pick up location. Victoria Secret. I’m not sure what he was doing there, but I didn’t question his manhood one bit. We hopped on to the freeway and headed towards the destination. Throughout the drive, we had made plans to hang out that night, but I wasn’t overly excited, because as you may know, most people are flakey. Often times your friends even more. I could smell the BS coming out of his breath. ButterScotch Latte. He was trying to stay up late that night.”


Me - “Ok, so what happened?”

Dad - “Now, I hadn’t been in Berkeley in almost over 2 years so I was pretty excited to even be near it. As soon I dropped off my buddy in Oakland, I float next door to Berkeley and swing by to get a drink at Jupiter. As much as I didn’t want to get a drink, I wanted to see if anything had changed from the last time I had been there. I didn’t care much about meeting anybody. Who I met or what I met, wasn’t my goal. In fact, you would have been the perfect companion that night. I was there for something different, but I didn’t know what it was. As time went by, a lot of great memories past through my head. Linus, Remember the 1st time you came to Berkeley, and we went on a bike ride?”

Me - “Yea that was fun. I was only a puppy.”

Dad - “As it got darker and time was flying at the speed of light, I was getting more tired, and feeling a little out of this world. At that time, I was ready to go back home. Then out of nowhere, like the demon appearing you in the day time, I spot a guy on the opposite side of the table, he grabs his beer and heads towards my direction. He introduces himself and immediately begins to compliment my new haircut, the one you had given me. I didn’t want to get ahead of myself and think he was into me, because I would have broken his heart. I’m straight as an arrow, and normally bros don’t approach bros in this fashion. But maybe he smelled the Victoria Secret Scent, or my salacious partygoer attitude exuded vibes that caught his attention. After 20min of gibble-gabble, it turned out he was only looking for someone to go mountain biking with! Great!”


Me - “So you ended up making a friend? That’s awesome!”

Dad - “Yup. I’ll confess. During our chat I was intrigued by this man. He had told me he lived in the mountains for some years without any communication with others. No social media, no contact with friends or family, and only spoke with other animals. Although I questioned his approach and ideas behind to his adventure, I had to admire his courage to commit living in isolation for many years. The whole time I wondered if I could do it. As I stood there confused by this mans thoughts, I couldn’t help but notice his gazing eyes. I imagined years later we would bump into each other at a small cafe somewhere in the middle of the mountains and reminisce about this moment, but thats a story for another time.”

Me - “Something to think about for sure.”

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Dad - “A word he had described to me made me look back and began to spark my old memories once again. In hindsight, I realized I had let it slip past me.”


Me - “What word? Wait. Was he Mr. Estoppel?”

Dad - “Precisely. Hey Linus, want to come with me to see this guy perform in one of the best cities in the world? Location - San Francisco - Month - April. No matter where we are, we will commit to attend the show! Pencil it in your calendar big guy, because we haven’t been out there in a while!”


Me - “You got it! But dad! We forgot the ingredients for the drink!”

Dad - “Nooo! We will have to wait till the next post.”

Well, till next week it is! In the meantime, I hope everyone is enjoying some sun here in the Bay Area!


Until next time,