Midnight Special

Hi friends,

It was around 8pm, the same time I convinced my dad to hop in an airplane, and fly 1600mi across the globe. Sight unseen, nor prepared. Classic, I thought. When is it my turn though? How could I build an escape getaway with him? I was very dissatisfied with our current living situation, so I began to draw some ideas in order to move somewhere I knew nobody. A nice fresh rush of blood kept running through my mind every time I thought of a new place. Plus, dad was already putting his itinerary together and heading to Canada. Toronto I think. I was excited for him, but I wanted to join too. It was only tearing me apart.


Or could it be we are burning out? Geeze, it’s only been 3 yrs, and most of our writing isn’t really high level work. I think a 1st grader could write better than us, for the most part. WTH is happening? But, there is a silver lining to every disappointment and setback, right? For me, I get bear-sized hugs from dad on a daily basis, and I won’t ever complain because hugs are amazing.


Just when we were about to hit the sack, our friend decided to stop by to say goodnight. It was Angry Allie. I was Happy, I had someone to play with. She took me for a quick walk, but quickly, that walk turned into a different kind of night, and much longer than we anticipated. We decided to make food, stayed up late chatting about life, and we even had tequila shots. Past midnight, and my night was over. The following day, I woke up. I was lucky to wake up. I couldn’t bark for almost 2 days after that wild night. It was rough because I hadn’t drank that much since a puppy. As you can imagine, I woke up with a mini hangover making living another day a horrible experience. Who invented alcohol anyway? I felt there were little animals inside my tummy, too. I couldn’t bear the feeling anymore. I was beat up and I prayed to dad he could cure me from this terrible pain.


But next week should be more exciting and more things to write about. We have a lot in store, and new plans to hit up different spots we’ve never been before. In addition, dad plans to make a small change to the website. We will see if I let him!


Until next time,

Prince Linus