Flowers Bloom

Hi friends!

I have never felt so much weight on my little shoulders! It’s annoying and it hurts my little paws. More than ever, we have been working like clock work day in and day out. We are in the process of moving out (exciting! Any guess to where?). With this, come times of stress, good time management to finish on time, and a wee bit of sadness. The biggest sadness comes from our need to discontinue the Matt Project. Unfortunately, we cannot take all the supplies to our new destination or the luxury of a spacious backyard. But that’s OK, because one day we will return with more ideas!

June is almost here too, which means our birthday is next week! Another exciting news!

And what is happening to us? Where have we been? And what direction are we headed towards?

All these important questions, and we have no answers to any of them. A little distressing at times!

There are many updates to share this month, but the most exciting is our car that is getting restored. For a while, it sat patiently at the mechanics house getting prepped for painting, but It’s finally back at the shop for the real work to be done, and with hopes of finishing this long project by next summer! We are anxious!


We hope you respect that we are human, well I’m not, sort of, and we do get busy with life. And this past month was a month full of busyness for us, but we plan on posting all the fun things we do for this month and showing them to you.


Until next time!

Prince Linus