Elena Y Molly, No Mas

Hi friends!

It’s been a wild ride these past months. My grandma and grandpa have been out of town for about a month, my dad for almost a solid 2 months jacking around somewhere, and I can’t seem to figure out where everyone else is. I just hope they aren’t running away from me! That would be terrible.

But before my dad parted ways to his mini getaway, he needed to sell a few items to fund his trip. I will list only 2 for now.

1st up was Molly. She was handed down last summer by a lovely friend of ours. Right away, dad poured ton of effort, time and energy to take her on an epic journey across Canada, but only held on to her for a year. The gang will surely miss her. Bye Molly :(


But before he sold it, I was curious as to why.

Me - “Dad, I thought you cared for Molly. You said you wouldn’t get rid of her. Que paso?”

Dad - “Have you ever had a girlfriend Linus? Sometimes you realize you prefer being single because of the false dreams they plant in your head. I dedicate this song to the narcissist that I thought I was once in love. Thankfully, the thrill and delusion is over.”


Me - “Dad, I was talking about Molly, and not anyone else.”

Dad - “Oh. ok. Well they are ALL gone now. The past.”

Oooook. Anyway.

Elena was 2nd of the things to sell. She was massively loved by dad, but found no need keeping her after track day. If you have never done track on a motorcycle, dad highly recommends it. With the track heating up to blazing triple digits, 107F deg. to be exact, and Elena revving at 11k rpms each 20min session, coupled with super aggressive riding around the circuit, dad consumed most of her life in that single day.

Me - “Wow dad, after you treat her like a nobody, you’re so cheap you can’t even buy the official photo?They completely blocked your face too.”

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 7.00.41 PM.png

Dad - “The pictures are incredibly overpriced. I found a perfect one for you though. Enjoy.”


Seems like wittle grasshopper didn’t want to let go either! Bye Elena :(


After a while of laying around doing nothing, I was missing dad a lot, and gave him a ring.

Me - “Bozzo dad, when are you getting back?”

Dad - “I plan on being there next week. Upon completion of my mini vacation, we will go to the beach and hang out as much as we can too. We will grow a bond, the likes of which can only be forged beneath the midnight sun. I’ll make it back drama free, and in no time, we shall be enjoying sunsets above the clouds.”

Me - “What? Why are you saying these things? I’m excited for you to be back though.”

Apparently, dad is currently living life at his buddies somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Montana. He says hitting up trails on his new bike, hiking and fishing are the usual funzy activities out there.


I hope he makes it back soon because we are falling apart in life, and need get our act together! Ok maybe not so much, but lets be real, the blemishes caused by his procrastination have been affecting me at an alarming rate.


Dad - “Linus, we will get back in our rhythm in no time. Don’t let pressure build up. Pressure and heat makes diamonds, buddy. Plus, There is no tomorrow to remember if we don’t do something today. So enjoy what you have while you have it.”

Until next post,