Emerald City

Hi friends,

What in the world is going on? Woof Woof.

After 4 months at my grandmas, my dad has decided to finally come back for me and guide me to his new “life”.

Me - “Dad, where are we going now? Woof woof".

Dad - “We are going somewhere we’ve never been before, with people we’ve never met, leaving old things behind and seeing what comes about in the future”.


Holly Guacamole. Is dad ok? Not so long ago, we chatted about taking a trip for a month or two, but now he sounds like he wants a trip for eternity! He decided to pack his bags and start driving without me. I couldn’t understand why he would leave me or why he was making a wicked wildly, foolish choice. I was hoping dad wouldn’t make any more mistakes.

Dad - “Be ready in 1 month Linus. I’ll be back to pick you up.”


It almost felt like dad was flying to some delusional state of mind.


But dad didn’t realize that I was perfectly fine at Grandmas, and I didn’t really want to go anywhere. In fact, I was having a great time at her tiny home. We were going on car rides, shopping for my favorite snackaroos, and she even took me to the beach….Swamis. A few walks here and there, and a couple of last-minute trips to the park, too.


How could I tell dad that I didn’t want to go anywhere without causing pain to his little heart?

Or was I afraid to go with dad because I had been in the same place for the last 4 yrs? Had I built my own comfort level in a safe, and non-terrorizing place?

To top it off, that that Sunday at the park, I met a friendly puppy gal with the most beautiful nose I had ever seen.


Pleasing in appearance, this nose was something I had never seen in my short life. Could it have been because of this clean and crisp looking face of the puppy gal that I also didn’t want to leave? But what about this nose? I tell you, this snout had style, grace and it had a future. I could smell success.

It felt supple, although I never touched it.

I had my fair chance to make a move. A clean opportunity arose when we were left alone for about a minute by all the other dawgs spitting game at her face. That must have been distasteful for her. As much as I wanted to ask her on a date, oddly enough, I smelled something stinky approaching. I lost control of myself and chased it down the street, barking until my little lungs ran out of air. It was a garbage truck. Sniffer, the puppy gal with the amazing nose, thought I was brave, courageous and feared nothing for chasing it down.

Out of nowhere, it hit me that I had the obligation of being alone for a while. I had to let go of this fine opportunity. But why? I didn’t have an answer. Plus, I didn’t want to hurt this little gal. Or maybe, I was afraid I would be stung by a covert narcissist. I walked away that day with no funky smells of regret.

So I said, what the heck. Live it up, live it up now.


Until next time,